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President Trump speaks after attending Senate GOP Policy lunch - 5/19/2020

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President Trump attends the Senate GOP Policy lunch in the Hart Office Building to thank senators for their work during this unprecedented crisis and discuss the progress safely opening up America again..
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President Trump speaks after attending Senate GOP Policy lunch - 5/19/2020

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CNBC Television photo 1 President Trump speaks after attending... CNBC Television photo 2 President Trump speaks after attending... CNBC Television photo 3 President Trump speaks after attending... CNBC Television photo 4 President Trump speaks after attending...

Watching him speak almost makes one just feel ill...

by Daisy Daswani 1 week ago


by Rohanda Mclaurin 1 week ago

Can only talk numbers and point fingers. How did we get to here? We the people should be ashamed we let it happen.

by Mickey P 2 weeks ago

I thought this year was gonna be “awesome”? Am I in the wrong country?

by adrian collette 1 week ago

“I think the 4th quarter is going to be great.” - Falcons Super Bowl LI

by Lance Sanchez 1 week ago

"Look at Georgia and look at Florida..." they're doing everything he tells them to do, including fudging the numbers.

by Jada 1 week ago

Gathering up to PLOT on their pockets...they're SITTING on a LOAD of HYYDROXYCHLOROQUINE they are trying to PUSH

by 2NDARY B18C1 2 weeks ago

What a sad pathetic loser we have for a leader.

by R Marty 2 weeks ago

Another, "good job, Brownie" moment in this administration.

by Gordon Adams 2 weeks ago

Next year will be awesome, once he loses the election.

by boyo111 2 weeks ago

Trumps known Flynn for 20 years? From what, his time in the military? - guy can't stop making things up.

by Patrick Joos 2 weeks ago

What’s the point of asking him questions anymore he just responds the same way to everything

by Fawcksy 1 week ago

Oh my god, the clown is longer amusing.

by Walter Godsoe 2 weeks ago

I prefer my president to not be a victim.
I mean seriously, are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy?

by the walkin dude 2 weeks ago

"Transition to greatness". This is how he calls it.

by Wolfgang K 1 week ago

I think... Possibly.... They say.... I heard.... we’re doing a lot of “Things”. We’ll see. Hear to Trumps verbiage. Why listen to him?

by Pakin 86 2 weeks ago

Lies just streaming from his mouth.......bs at its best.

by Kathy Harbaugh 2 weeks ago

No one gives a crap what agencies don't like you.

by Marissa Rivera 2 weeks ago

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