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Biden widens lead over Trump in national polls

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CNN's Manu Raju breaks down the lead Joe Biden has over President Trump in the latest national polls.
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CNN photo 1 Biden widens lead over Trump... CNN photo 2 Biden widens lead over Trump... CNN photo 3 Biden widens lead over Trump... CNN photo 4 Biden widens lead over Trump...

The only poll that counts in on election day. Everyone, please vote and get everyone you know to vote!

by typoprone 3 days ago

Polls are a joke. Remember Hillary's polls? Never trust polls, especially CNN polls.

by i-flarnted 1 day ago

everyone talking about politics and I'm just sitting here wondering WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BLINKING

by JustAnAverageTree G 2 days ago

Heard all this before with Hilary and look what happened.

by steve cambridge 2 days ago

Trump: " Biden is gonna be president just because people don't like me"

America: " Yes, pretty much"

by Robert Smith 3 days ago

They never learn.

by RJD 2 days ago

lol the only thing getting stronger for Biden is his alzheimers

by Kevin La Page 1 day ago

CNN I'm in Australia and you are so funny. Is this meant to be a comedy show! There's no real news and truth in there!

by Rose Thomson 2 days ago

I don't care if biden is projected to win every State.

Go vote!

by McK 3 days ago

If you go down the list of the fake stories on CNNs page, how do you actually believe that that these poll videos are even near the truth? What are the odds that the only truth that CNN speaks is the polls?

by RUNNING MAN 1 day ago

Biden's winning on the polls who can stay in the basement longer.

by johnny torres 1 day ago

"He's gonna be president because some people dont love me, maybe"

He said Biden might become president, wtf CNN.

by Oliver G. 1 day ago

“Come on Man”. The poll was secretly conducted by the “Lady’s at Visiting Angels” in an attempt to sign you to a long term contract.

by duke morrison 1 day ago

I prefer the man who cannot talk but will listen to correct himself than the man who can talk but will not listen

by F K 3 days ago

Punxsutawney Biden came out of the basement and saw his shadow.
That means 6 more weeks of Covid and Rioting.

by Chris C 1 day ago

Deja Vu
4 years ago, CNN said that polls showed Hillary had a wide lead over Trump

by David Council 2 days ago

Hillary had a 98.6% chance to win. Trump only needs a 1% chance.

by Poisonedblade 1 day ago

From same people that said Hillary couldn’t loose

by Randall Renfro 2 days ago

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