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Chris Cuomo wants you to hear this quote from Trump

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CNN's Chris Cuomo argues that President Trump doesn't like coronavirus testing, tracing or masks because they may make people "less pumped to reopen recklessly."
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This whole pandemic has made me realize I’ve Never been so happy to be a Canadian

by trista neidig 1 week ago

Chris it’s simpler than Trump’s wanting to re-open the economy: he doesn’t care. For Trump, people are disposable.

by Kenrick Hackett 2 days ago

He has the reasoning skills of a toddler! On that note, I must apologize to all toddlers for the comparison!

by Alaric Sanford 5 days ago

It's a Badge of Honor ??? Not only does he not have a Brain, he doesn't have a Heart....wht a twisted , disgusting person!!..

by Cynth Wise 6 days ago

Come nobember we must send this demon back to the pit of hell !

by Lavell House 4 days ago

“Inaction” is being generous. IQ45 is being ignorantly defiant.

by Dee Gilles 1 week ago

He's not taking the drug he's selling it.

by bluzturk 1 week ago

This is a test he was going trough and he fail miserably. The lack of leadership show from the very first day he took office. Out this republicans who only see a personal gain from taking office instead of focusing on the people they serve.

by Darling BR 6 days ago

Meanwhile I still see thousands of people yelling: trump 2020, if they believe trump is smart imagine what kind of idiots they are.

by Paparazzi 911 4 days ago

In my lifetime, I don’t remember a time when we had to do the exact opposite of what the White House is telling us to do to stay alive.
We have no centralized leadership— not just that, but the entity that is supposed to lead the nation seems like it’s actively trying to harm us.
It feels like we have a saboteur rather than a leader, and the people and state governors are all left to their own devices and must try to stay afloat despite the White House. Surreal.

by Edd VCR 1 week ago

I am pleased proud of my state, Hawaii. We went to shelter in place at the first case, and are only on the first of five re-opening measures as of this week. Despite our economy being built on tourism, visitors are tracked, and some have been arrested and heavily fined for violating our 14-day quarantine order. No new deaths for weeks, and one new case in the month of May. Deaths are 17, cases are 640 statewide. Tests are available by request, contact tracing is operational, we are following the science, not politics. That said, the losses our citizens and businesses have had are devastating. But, we are alive and well, and there is nothing more important than that. Aloha.

by lisa'smom44 1 week ago

What an utterly heartless fraud. Loss of life and destruction of families; a badge of honor. How could anyone say that?

by Owen Rojas 1 week ago

He needs to set an example for the people, stop being a baby about wearing a mask.

by denise lucy 4 days ago

“This is your brain on Trump.” Perfect.

by Terry G 6 days ago

Rule 1 Cuomo: never say the word “penetrate”. It’s my version of moist

by Alex Davis 1 day ago

He is basically saying that if you don't look at it, it doesn't exist.

by NOT YOU 1 week ago

I staight up laughed when he said "it's a badge of honor" like bruh what??

by Stephon criss 1 week ago

Trumps opening statement reminded me of Reagan who said it was a “feather in his cap” when 241 marines where killed.

by Roy Lappin 6 days ago

Hilarious. Crazy that some ppl out there still can’t see the obvious

by J 7 1 week ago

Love his style as a journalist and how he opens his program: "Together as ever as one".

by Patricia Urrutia Paz 1 day ago

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