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Trump lashes out at swing states over vote-by-mail

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President Donald Trump on lashed out at officials in two swing states, Michigan and Nevada, over their moves to make it easier for more voters to cast their ballots by mail ahead of the November election, highlighting his growing anger over mail-in voting changes that he contends will hurt his chances of reelection.
The President's harsh and often baseless criticism of vote-by-mail is significantly ratcheting up as more and more states loosen their vote-by-mail restrictions proactively or on court orders.
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CNN photo 1 Trump lashes out at swing... CNN photo 2 Trump lashes out at swing... CNN photo 3 Trump lashes out at swing... CNN photo 4 Trump lashes out at swing...

He votes by mail but no one else is supposed to? He needs to pay more attention to his bungled response to the pandemic and the nearly 100000 lives lost and spend less time on Twitter.

by Lazlo Frost 7 hours ago

Threatening to uphold federal funding to Michigan just hurts your chances even more, lol not like he was going to win again

by Super Mario Plush Harry 9 hours ago

He is such a cartoon character. I live in Oregon and we have been doing mail in voting for years. It is a great way to vote. The GOP has been against mail in voting for years not because of fraud but because they wouldn't win ever again. The only way the GOP can win is if they make voting such a painful act no one wants to vote. Just think, this is what a political party does just to win elections , cheat. GOP please just go away to the dust bin of history.

by scoots 1 hour ago

and im over here in california voting by mail for every election since 2007

by Matty Matt 3 hours ago

"He supports mail in ballot for a reason." That reason is if you vote for a Republican.

by Alejandro Z 3 hours ago

Weโ€™ve been using mail-in ballots in Colorado for years and it just makes sense! Thereโ€™s no logical reason to deny people the right to vote in this way, especially during a pandemic!

by srayj 10 hours ago

So covid-19 isnโ€™t a reason not to be present ?

by 497k views 9 hours ago

He knows if this election is entirely or part by mail, he will lose.

by Tadek Wieczorek 10 hours ago

How about the reason being - it is their civil right to vote by mail!

by A Warrior of Christ 9 hours ago

That's because he knows he's going to "Lose" so everything is corrupt mailing in your ballot. Just wait till November trump.

by Deborah R Parks 9 hours ago

Either do this, or you won't get your money, where have we heard this before? More proof that Drumpf has a habit of "Quid Pro Quo" i.e... extortion!

by Cool Hand Mark 9 hours ago

He is lining up his defense if he loses the election. He then can declare the election as a hoax from the democrats. Everyone needs to vote

by 22 Veterans A Day 8 hours ago

Trump trying to โ€œ set upโ€ the country to claim foul when he gets beaten in November.

by makita 10 hours ago

How dare anyone especially clinton news network even imply that polls be closed in November. For God sake it it merely May.

by Daniel Rowan 10 hours ago

He's so afraid that he is constantly making a fool of himself more than usual...
Next he will try to cancel the November elections all together...

by leslie bell 39 minutes ago

He is already making excuses for his upcoming loss in November ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Google Mtn 10 hours ago

I voted by mail last week for the PA primary. I also made a copy. I'm a senior with COPD & I'm not ready to die yet for the ratpubliklans. ๐Ÿ˜ก

by mrt57rn 10 hours ago

"Confused while sniffing spoiled milk" why does every CNN anchor have that Jake tapper look these days?

by travis anders 46 minutes ago

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