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Trump retweets then deletes video of man yelling ‘white power’

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President Trump retweeted a clip of a man yelling "white power," but later deleted the tweet after backlash. The White House claims President Trump did not hear that portion of the video.
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CNN photo 1 Trump retweets then deletes video... CNN photo 2 Trump retweets then deletes video... CNN photo 3 Trump retweets then deletes video... CNN photo 4 Trump retweets then deletes video...

He doesn't know what he tweeted, he doesn't know when his staff fires someone (Omarosa), he doesn't know when his troops have been threatened, what does this man know and do?

by Mardi Taylor 4 days ago

If Trump didn't hear that then he is either deaf or a liar. And we all know he's not deaf.

by Sealot 3 days ago

Always an excuse. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

by A Thought Crime 4 days ago

He lies like a 7yo caught killing cats. "I didnt hear the cat scream. It wasnt me. Im annointed."

by Larry Robinson 4 days ago

Trump thought the guy was a drug dealer offering samples of “white powder”.

by VidKid 3 days ago

He didnt hear the phrase? Man he wasnt lying when he said he loves the uneducated

by Chris 4 days ago

If he “didn’t hear it” then he’s not shocked by it and endorses this ideology by not calling it out or rebuking it in his followers.

by Chelsea Henderson 3 days ago

It’s ok, people, Donald “didn’t hear” what was in fact the loudest part of the video. On the other hand, there’s this comfort from Bolton: “He may not have paid attention to it—he doesn’t pay attention to a lot of things.” Sleep tight, America!

by Theocritus 4 days ago

The president has lived with this ideology for his entire life.

by Stacey Dabney 3 days ago

Trump supporter “he is not a racist!” Donald trump: here let me give y’all more evidence.

by My Daddy 3 days ago

Trump claims he didn’t hear it...well next he’ll be claiming he’s “deaf” too!

by Biden 2020 4 days ago

8 SECONDS IN EIGHT REALLY I think he is trying to distract us from the Afghanistan situation

by happy day 3 days ago


by Carlos Gaytan 4 days ago

Covfefe in Chief: “I’m the least racist person in the world.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

by Afro Centauri 4 days ago

When his own mother said "yes he's a idiot with zero common sense and no social skills, but he is my son. I just hope he never goes into politics. He'd be a disaster" why are you American's surprised 🤦🏾‍♀️

by nicholsjosette 4 days ago

He didn't hear it, he wasn't briefed, he was only joking, sensing a bit of a pattern here.

by Mark Godleman 4 days ago

Why take it down? That's what he supports. It speaks to his message. If you want to be so blatantly racist you might as well lean in to it. You're racist and proud. That's what you stand for.

by iko grace 2 days ago

I though Kayleigh said she'd never lie to the press....yet has done nothing else ever sonce

by Phil Broeders 4 days ago

What was he “retweeting” if it wasn’t what the racist said. What part of the video was Retweetable? A man rolling around in a cart🤔

by Village Food Factory Asia 3 days ago

He didn't hear about Russia either. He is a blatant lier.

by Dorris Harris 4 days ago

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