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Trump's false claim blames Obama admin as coronavirus spreads

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President Donald Trump sought to lay blame on the Obama administration for slowing down new diagnostic testing, but a lab association said this is not correct.
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CNN photo 1 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 2 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 3 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 4 Trump's false claim blames Obama...

Obama left office 4 years ago, and it is still his fault ?

by Abhik Biswas 2 months ago

Obama has been living rent free in Trump's head even before he became POTUS

by Desmond Quick 3 months ago

😂 😂 😂 took him longer than I thought to mention Obama n this mess. 😂 😂

by Zip Itshut 3 months ago

He is obsessed with Obama. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he had a secret crush on him.

by KCohere33 3 months ago

Trump blames Obama, many American's blame the corona beer.
God bless America.

by Magic Lamp 3 months ago

And yet his followers keep swallowing the lies.

by T T 3 months ago

Can't take responsibility for anything and always blame others except when it is convenient to me: D Trmup

by Giovanni Avila 3 months ago

He’s so jealous of Obama 😂. It kills him that people love Obama 😝

by Nina Kupchenko 3 months ago

Obama,Obama,Obama who hasn't been President for almost now 4yrs and this dude can't stop blaming Obama!!

by Scott Roberts 3 months ago

Dementia Don. And he's sundowning too.

by seriously154 3 months ago

Trump: "I see the problem: you are testing too much."

by Robert Evans 3 months ago

Probably in 2 weeks he'll say Obama spread the Coronavirus, this man cannot be taken seriously ever!

by SACHIN DHAMDHERE 3 months ago

" I havent done my homework in the past 3 years , because the previous teacher didnt leave me a pencil !"

by gohstdog23 1 month ago

Sooooo typical. Take credit for someone else's accomplishments and place blame for his own mistakes. Some kinda leader we got here.

by Glenda Hunt 3 months ago

Drumpfs 3 failed marriages are Obama's fault.

by Rachel Ash 3 months ago

Trump must really have a problem with Oboma if he's going this far.

by Luke Nolte 3 months ago

A meteor approaching Earth would also be the fault of Obama.

by Nikola Tesla 3 months ago


by Liljoker 3 months ago

Increased desperation of the lunatic is a good sign. Push him harder. IMplosion is the goal Americans.

by Nancy Prevost 3 months ago

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