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St Louis mayor DOXXES citizens' addresses | Cancel Lyda Krewson (privacy violation)

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The mayor of St. Louis, MO took the communication from her political opposition, which are citizens of the city, and read off their names and addresses on a Facebook Live stream that was intended for all members of the community. This is in no way okay and there should be punishment for this act of intimidation and attempt to silence the people. We should call for the resignation of this crooked politician. There is a petition in STL for her resignation and I hope they are successful.
While I am not from STL, this is yet another case of government aggression against citizens trying to exercise their 1st amendment rights of free speech and to let politicians know what they think. We need to call out any political figure that is willing to abuse their power and conduct any offensive against the people.
#Privacy #StLouis #FacebookLive
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Do you accept this mayor's apology or do you think a politician have an epic gamer rage moment on camera means they need to resign?

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