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addressing everything

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addressing everything

Colleen Vlogs photo 1 addressing everything Colleen Vlogs photo 2 addressing everything Colleen Vlogs photo 3 addressing everything Colleen Vlogs photo 4 addressing everything

no tears. no changing the topic. no stutters. no overly-expressed emotions. no calls for sympathy. no dragging of the person's name. no blame-passing. no glossing over what actually happened.

THIS is how you do a proper apology! Props to you, Colleen! Hope you feel better soon!

by maui avedaña 1 week ago

THIS is an apology. She doesn't deny she actually says sorry.

by Mackenzie Jess 1 week ago

Yes, this is how you apologize. No crying and she’s admitting her wrong without bringing others in it. I love this!

by Jordynnn 5 days ago

This is a good apology video, she isn’t crying overdramticlly or blaming anyone else. She is taking repsonsiblily for her mistakes which is very mature. Good job Colleen

by Olivia Stevens 6 days ago

This is hands down the best apology video I’ve ever watched. She went straight to the point, didn’t cry or ask for sympathy. She addressed her mistakes as a grown woman should. This is why Colleen has been my favorite YouTuber since 2014!

by Heidi Zamora 1 week ago

Why can’t people get this through they’re heads... People Make mistakes. Some really bad and some not so bad. Colleen feels HORRIBLE for doing that and she probably feels way worse when y’all are literally hating on her for doing something 14 years ago. Smh

by Madds_Kawaii 2 days ago

Let's appreciate that she didn't put ads in this video

by Uma N 6 days ago

This is just sad. It’s why Youtubers etc don’t interact with their fans as much as they used to, everything gets twisted, full stories aren’t told and people want their few minutes of fame and will go to lengths, even as far as ‘cancelling’ people, to do so.

by Mia-Rose Stevens 1 day ago

WTF why are people hurting Colleen after she made a big mistake 14 YEARS AGO THAT SHE APOLOGIZED FOR

by Hailey Seifert 5 days ago

i really respect the fact that this video isn’t just her crying and playing the victim, instead it’s her trying not to cry and being very serious and admitting her mistakes. i support colleen and have for a long time

by Lucy Weaver 1 week ago

Now THIS is how you apologise. No throwing a pity party for themselves, No bringing others into the situation, No complaining and whining and crying, but just plain, sincere, apologising. We love you Colleen.

by Luna Moone 6 days ago

I’m sure most of the people pressed about this weren’t even alive 14 years ago. By the way, the first proper YouTube apology video I’ve seen

by Caleb 1 day ago

This "cancel culture" is getting out of control. If we "canceled" everyone who did something wrong there would be no one to "cancel"

by amina me 6 days ago

I’ve literally gained so much respect for this woman. She didn’t cry, she apologized, she didn’t make herself look like the victim, she didn’t even need to apoligize for some of the things in this video, but she took the blame. We love you so much Colleen, thank you for the amazing person you are 😇

by Little Leigh23 5 days ago

She legit said “this is my fault” I ain’t ever heard someone take the blame in an apology for years...

by madeleine 1 week ago

Trisha Paytas taking notes for 10 minutes straight

by Chris Paez 3 days ago

My heart dropped when she said “no, I shouldn’t kill myself”. Tf wrong with people?

by time will tell 3 days ago

and that ladies and gentleman is how to apologize like a mature adult.

by Audrey McCullough 5 days ago

You can tell she isn’t doing this for the people or attention she is genuine and doing it for herself, which is the best way to do it.

by Ella's World 3 days ago

14 YEARS AGO? Lol are ya’ll serious? If people drug up everybody’s past, everybody would be “cancelled” haha I can’t even

by Autumn Roy 1 week ago

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