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The Daily Show - Bill O'Reilly Extended Interview

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"Killing Patton" author Bill O'Reilly insists that the American Dream is available to anyone who gets educated, is honest, and works hard regardless of race.
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Rewatching this during covid 19, the beginning of the interview was timely

by Carlos M 2 months ago

I love it when Oreilly goes outside the fox bubble, he seems a lot more... human

by Tennessee Jermyn 3 years ago

watched this after the Trevor Noah interview with Tomi Lahren because I needed to see a simpler time

by caity 3 years ago

"I'm sitting here because I'm obnoxious, not because I'm white!" LMAO!!!! That's a classic line no matter what you think of the politics.

by Orange Fox 3 years ago

The only time Bill is tolerable is when he's with this guy.

by Crystal K 3 years ago

There is nothing better on YouTube then o'Reilly and Stewart debating

by James Hagan 6 months ago

"Don't mess with Oprah, she'll shave you" is maybe the funniest joke Bill has ever said on purpose.

by Samuel Armen 7 months ago

"there is no more slavery, there is no more jim crow,"
"oooo" *removes book *

by Fleidy Leegyrson 9 months ago

Jon brings out the human in Bill.. let's be real...
The guy's opinions suck, but the banter between these two is fun to watch.

by s a m p l e t e x t 1 month ago

This 6-year-old interview is insane to look back on after the death of George Floyd. From the hand sanitizer to fox news denying the existence of white privilege. Almost eerie how many parallels there are and shows how little changed over 6 years. Time to make a change

by Jack Owles 4 weeks ago

The fact that Bill can’t grasp the idea of Black suppression bleeding into current times is embarrassingly aggravating

by Huntmander • 2 months ago

This entire segment was Jon simply trying to get Bill to understand that white privilege is not something to be ashamed of; it's something to be aware of.

So simple, and yet...

by Ama 3 years ago

I never knew Bill O'Reilly had something real to say; now I know.

by Rain7 Mic 2 days ago

"I'm sitting here because I'm obnoxious, not because I'm white!". I'm actually impressed that O'Reilly has even that much self-awareness.

by Crosby4hyg 4 years ago

The O'Reilly Stewart Rivalry was so awesome back in the day

by Gouthum Chiluvuri 1 year ago

"do you have the sanitizer again?"
-bill o'rreally

the man was ahead of his time, rip

by luan dasilva 2 months ago

Watching this after George Floyd's death, this is so relevant, whatever happened to talk shows like these

by Nikesh Masiwal 4 weeks ago

I love Jon so much! He's just literally a national treasure. I hate bill he's just a jack ass but I like these two together! Like old school vs new school. I'm always here for it.

by Britt Waller 10 months ago

I agree completely with what Jon is saying. Being a white male doesn't make you successful, it just makes it easier for you to follow your path to success

by Persøn Human 3 years ago

Oreilly: “You don’t then take that and condemn the modern society”

Stewart: “Nobody’s condemning the modern society”

Good civil debate.

Who’s here watching this in 2020, wishing it was then?

by Anthony Zaino 2 weeks ago

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