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The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?

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Today Blockbuster is effectively gone, but there was a time when they were the standard for movie rentals. This video takes an in depth look into the rise, decline, and attempts to answer the question of what exactly happened to Blockbuster..
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Company Man photo 1 The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened? Company Man photo 2 The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened? Company Man photo 3 The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened? Company Man photo 4 The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?

I remember walking into a blockbuster store and thinking it had the same "atmosphere" as going to the cinemas... and bumping into family friends etc... it was cool

by IIIrandomIII 1 year ago

The reason there are Blockbusters in Alaska is because they don't have access to broadband internet.

by Luis Antonio Perez 1 year ago

Wait a minute!! Hollywood Video gave you a free movie on your birthday!! Blockbuster didn't.

by Anthony Ogans 1 year ago

2037: The decline of Netflix...what happened?

by J- Hod 2 years ago

and Netflix came about because a guy hated paying $19.99 for a late fee!

by Emiaj Zerolf 1 year ago

I live in Japan and there is a movie rental store called "Tsutaya" they are everywhere and alive and strong. Most people also have Netflix. I frequent there myself for that nostalgic feeling.

by Celeste Barker 1 year ago

There was one left in Morley, Western Australia. They permanently closed their doors this year.

Now there is only one left in the whole world! Bend, Oregon!

by Riff Ferguson 6 months ago

They suffered a severe case of “we have always done it this way” syndrome.

by Riff Ferguson 6 months ago

I'm in my 30s now and I can definitely remember the days of Blockbuster Video. As a young gamer I used to go there and rent videogames on weekends and vacations. It was something I enjoyed doing as a kid. One time my mom got me my own membership card and a games freedom pass for 30 day unlimited rentals on games and every day that month I would ride my bike to one of my local Blockbuster stores and get a game and return it the next day. Those were some great times

by boredstudent 1 year ago

I loved BlockBuster when I was a kid. There was nothing like getting the last tape of a "must see" movie from the return bin!

by Hemlawk AKA EDK 1 year ago

Netflix is next honestly. I already see the decline happening...

by JubJub444 1 year ago

I Can still remember the smell of BLOCKBUSTER.... Freshly minted DVD Plastic and popcorn....

by RCR Brewster 2 years ago

I lived a few blocks away from a blockbuster. When it closed I was so upset but for some reason they still have the sign up for blockbuster. Whenever I see it it makes me sad

by Angelo Pellicci 1 year ago

I cried the day Blockbuster closed. I still have my membership card, which I got before I even had a driver's license.

by Karen Lewis 10 months ago

The one thing I missed most about Blockbuster was...

That smell!

by Rosetta Stoned 1 year ago

I was born in 2001, so I really missed Blockbusters peak. I only went in there once, and I got Pokemon 2000 on VHS, and a big Wonka chocolate bar. It was incredible.

by Mr.Mercenary 5 months ago

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