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4 Easy Life Hacks On How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew By Crafty Panda

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In this video tutorial, we will show you how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. The video contains 4 easy life hacks you can do with simple household items.
1. Open a wine bottle using only a lighter. Just heat up the bottle for 1 minute on the neck right below the cork, while turning the bottle around. The heat will cause the air to expand and eventually the cork will pop right out!.
2. For this wine bottle opening method, you will need a long screw, a screwdriver and a fork. First, you'll need to screw the screw into the cork with a screwdriver. Then just use a fork to pull the screw out. Voila!
3. This method of opening a wine bottle requires a shoe of any kind. Just place your bottle in the shoe and slam it against the wall. Sooner or later the bottle cork should pop out.
4. For this simple wine bottle opening technique, you will only need a fork! Just use the fork handle to push down the cork so you can enjoy your wine. Cheers!
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by Lily W. 1 month ago

Tried this and got scared, so Iโ€™m drinking cork in wine

by Rhonda Ryder 1 year ago

The shoe was working after about 20 blows into the wall then it ended up putting a hole into the wall.

by Mr. Joseph 1 year ago

Although there is science behind #1 , it was like magic to me when the cork started coming up .. I got really excited to see it coming up as we were struggling with the brittle cork for quite a while.. Thanks a lot for the suggestion..

by deepikaanv 5 months ago

Tried lighter for 3min, did not move AT ALL

by cat wu 1 year ago

Only #4 worked for me. But more importantly, taught me I need a wine opener on my keychain

by MindlessSelfGuitar 1 year ago

Holy s the lighter actually worked. About 2 min and its freaking magic. Time to get drunk. I'm a wizard!

by Nate Bogue 8 months ago

Lighter worked out after five minutes.. cork came out on its own

by Anand Babu G 10 months ago

None of these worked for us so decided to go my own route big sharp knife aim for the little bump at the top and a clean cut. 1 for the wifey 0 for the cork.

by Darkv3ng 9 months ago

1&2 open wine like engineer, 3-danger! 4-works if there is enough space inside bottle.

by DaBuzz92 1 year ago

The lighter caused the neck of my wine bottle to explode lol. Be careful

by Jesse Lopez 11 months ago

#4 worked but it exploded in my face , thanks. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

by Cynthia Alejandro 10 months ago

Thank you for this video! I tried the first one and it took no more than 3 minutes! The cork shot straight up!! Pretty cool. Lol

by Angie R 10 months ago

Why can't wine just get sealed with a screw on lid????

by LykosAnubis 8 months ago

After all that bs I learned you can just use your damn car key to open it lmao just push it in then twist it up !! Enjoy

by Erin 11 months ago

The 1st option is a lie. I tried it and it ended up breaking the "neck" of the wine bottle. And the cork was still inside the neck of the bottle. Upsetting. ๐Ÿ˜‘

by Manny Perez 4 months ago

How to Destroy Wine and your Dignity while Saving .99 for a Gas Station Corkscrew.

by Gregory Somers 2 years ago

Thank you! I DID IT using the second method...b I used plier instead of fork.

by Faye Chan 10 months ago

#4 You are probably be drinking cork with this method.

by Michael Williams 1 year ago

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