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The God of High School - Opening | Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)

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Artist: KSUKE
Song: Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
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Crunchyroll Collection photo 1 The God of High School... Crunchyroll Collection photo 2 The God of High School... Crunchyroll Collection photo 3 The God of High School... Crunchyroll Collection photo 4 The God of High School...

This opening: *drops beat*
Characters: Aight imma tan

by Drakoserk 13 hours ago

Us: did you do it
Mappa: yes
Us: what did it cost?
Mappa: everything

by KingKnifR 13 hours ago

Me: Sooo, how many times are we gonna re-watch this?...

My brain: Yes.

by Mike J 3 hours ago

Dude I finished watching the first episode of God Of High School...

It was so awesome 😍 like seriously holy fck it's so good!

by Jack 12 hours ago

Love that the OP is only based off of the first episode, this wouldn't spoil us on future episodes and I'm glad they thought about this because in some anime you can tell the entire plot just by seeing the OP

by u got ROASTED 13 hours ago

Just to let yall no This Show is trending on CrunchyRoll from 1 episodes

by TLK Burnout-king 8 hours ago

Is it me but doesn't just bring back like some early 2000's vibe of anime and I'm loving it HYPE!!!

by Lando 7 hours ago

Webtoon: Korean
Anime: Japanese
Title: English
Hotel: Trivago

by Niccolò Filippi 13 hours ago

The God of High School OP : (exists)
Black Clover openings : Finally, a worthy opponent

by PATAPON 9 hours ago

Such a smart way to show that the anime is held by Crunchyroll and originate from Webtoon

by EPHRA / 12 hours ago

Me: Wow unique op, sounds pretty good
My Brain: You will rave to this song on repeat

by Kagiri 13 hours ago

I like how they didn’t go into each of the main characters stories just yet and are playing them out for later

by Skjone infinite 6 hours ago

Lol, I read “Tyler Carter” as “Tyler the Creator” and I got stupid excited. Then I realized how stupid I was.

by HolidayMan 12 hours ago

just finished watching ep 1 and i am really impressed to a point that id say they could do solo leveling and i would not complain cuz this in my opinion is S tier animation they have left out some stuff from the webtoon but i think they going to do those scenes in a flash back or something in ep 2 so far amazing start and this op is fire.

by Luke Cull 13 hours ago

Black clover squishy op: who are you?
The god of high school op: im you.
I like it

by Olle Spengler 13 hours ago

oh my god as a webtoon reader, my skin is clear, my crops are watered, my phone is charged, my life is bright, my hotel? trivago

MAPPA has blessed us once again

by krystal meth 13 hours ago

Truly a unique and awesome opening, even dubstep can be made into an anime opening if executed properly, like this.

Webtoons have truly made a great impact, the future is bright. Now we're just waiting for Solo leveling.

by Just Some Guy without a Mustache 7 hours ago

Anime name: The God of High School
Song level: God Tier

Coincidence? I think not.

by Nicholas Saini 5 hours ago

The first anime this year that made me feel like the ep was only 2min.

by ZER0 14 hours ago

Me: ok this is ok

Me after replaying several times:
I'll be your contradiction

by Lisa Cole 12 hours ago

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