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U.S. President Trump declares COVID-19 a national emergency

#rose garden #CTV News #coronavirus #tests #News & Politics
U.S. President Trump gave a update on the COVID-19 and declared the pandemic an national emergency.
#uspoli #covid19
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CTV News photo 1 U.S. President Trump declares COVID-19... CTV News photo 2 U.S. President Trump declares COVID-19... CTV News photo 3 U.S. President Trump declares COVID-19... CTV News photo 4 U.S. President Trump declares COVID-19...

Pretty stumbly, out of breath speech. ๐Ÿค”

by Richard C 3 months ago

Hes as out of breath as me when I walk up a flight of stairs??

by Erika 3 months ago

Always human being comes first in emergency.

by SuperJylee 3 months ago

Wow, I think the Waltons family will like that ๐Ÿ˜‰
That toupee needs a bit of dressing up ๐Ÿ—ฏ๏ธ

by Funken Mole 3 months ago

these really are 2 very big words

by John 3 months ago

Thanks mr president and all great group that work and help you. From persian(iramians)

by persain empire 3 months ago

Trump it is SARS-CoV-2 that gives one Covid19.

by Bad Fairy 3 months ago

We no longer have a President now we are living under FEMA RULES

by Charles Fricke 2 months ago

The Flu.... Helped usher in the NWO. Lol and u conspiracy theorists thought it was gonna be a fake alien attack or american civil war to usher this government control..

...lol nope it was a seasonal flu. Hahaha we have no hope. Masses are so stupid

by Joey Poil 3 months ago

What a maroon!!!! He is so far behind the eight ball on this.

by Don Thompson 3 months ago

At his age, if he and the queen get the virus, they r done.

by Hasan Jamil 3 months ago

All hype. Remember the Swine Flu? The Bird Flu? Sars? this just an other political stunt.

by Adrian Morrison 3 months ago

President Trump's sounds really tired and stressful

by Donna Wallace 3 months ago

And thatโ€™s how you steal 50billion dollars

by peter millar 3 months ago

Since when did Trump start reading from paper notes so much.

by Dave Dismantled 3 months ago

What is wrong with this giant orange dufus? What is wrong with his eyes?

by TheArduinoGuy 3 months ago

I fear that President Trump is not fairing well. He is first and foremost, a senior citizen himself, I hope he gets some rest. Bet he's thinking, he should have stayed in his old life. This is so terrible to go through.....

by Bana Bana 3 months ago

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