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Jeffree Star's EX Nathan Schwandt SUING him?!

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I know you guys love Jeffree Star and his relationship with Nathan Schwandt and I know I have talked about these two may be way too much but, man, they don’t want to stop the drama! I mean, I thought Jeffree was going to be the one who would reveal all the secrets about their relationship and make headlines but Nate is doing really well on his own spreading all kinds of gossips! Rumor has it that he has sued or is going to sue Jeffree! Watch this video to find out what is going on! #JeffreeStar #NathanSchwandt #Jeffree
👉You might be interested in this video!! "Jeffree Star's boyfriend CHEATED on him?" https://youtu.be/0M9s55nUkS0
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CurioSips photo 1 Jeffree Star's EX Nathan Schwandt... CurioSips photo 2 Jeffree Star's EX Nathan Schwandt... CurioSips photo 3 Jeffree Star's EX Nathan Schwandt... CurioSips photo 4 Jeffree Star's EX Nathan Schwandt...

👉You might be interested in this video!! "Jeffree Star's boyfriend CHEATED on him?"

by CurioSips 1 month ago

I would keep Jeffree as a friend, not an enemy 🤷

by Tiffany Smith 1 month ago

There is no way that Nathan would be able to win in court against jeffree it makes me laugh how he even tried.

by Aiden Hopkins 1 month ago

Never really liked Nathan . Seemed like he used Jeffrees generosity. Very child like , spent his days high and playing video games

by 1980s 1 month ago

Nathan: Sues Jeffree

Jeffree and his lawyers: I'm About to end this mans whole career

by AshTrash 1 month ago

Sue him for what? He sponged off jeffree for years. He was a nobody before jeffree. He was definitely only dating jeffree for the money, he could buy his weed, drive fast cars and travel the world. Trash. Bye Nate.

by The Whispering Woods 1 month ago

I always felt like Nate was just there in the background. Almost like a bum, smoking weed and playing videogames. I feel so bad for Jeffree

by Sweet N Shy Slytherin 1 month ago

When I first saw Nate I was like this mf ain’t gay at all

by Jenny Jenny 1 month ago

He doesn't like being in the spot light, yet, made a new insta and now HIS OWN COMPANY. That's high key shady AF.

by That one Alien mother fncka 1 month ago

They weren't married, he doesn't get shit, he already got a house out of it and his portion of money BUT i also don't know California laws.

by Stacia Renee' xx 1 month ago

How can people believe that relationship was real or fair. The guy spent all day long so high and doing absolutely nothing, it was pretty obvious he was just a boy toy.

by lady_freakin_macbeth 1 month ago

No one:
Nate: yes Taco Bell are you hiring today?

by Kassy Flowers 1 month ago

I don’t think it was about the money at first, even though it’s definitely about the money now. I think when the relationship started Nate was curious and found somebody interesting that he wanted to try some things out with. Then Jeffree’s business started booming and he couldn’t help but be more attracted and sucked into that world. It becomes very hard to leave somebody when they can make you smile and give you the world, but at the same time that doesn’t mean you don’t still have demons you’re dealing with. Then as time went on it became the money that was his main source of happiness instead of Jeffree.

by Kosmetics Queen 1 month ago

They were never married, there was no need for a prenump, he gets nothing jeffree doesn't want him to have.

by Jerrad Trahan 1 month ago

You know why this happened?.... CAROL BASKIN

by Lisa Curran 1 month ago

Imagine trying to sue Jeffree Star... A multimillionaire..

by YoBYoung 04 3 days ago

Jeffree just wants to be loved 🥺

by Sianna Marie 1 month ago

I wonder if Nate would have lasted five years with Jeffree if they had just stayed living in a studio apartment struggling to get gigs to pay the bills and Nate would have actually had to earn a paycheck at some crappy job to help with rent....

by jz delona 1 month ago

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