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Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

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Q&A With My New Boyfriend!
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Danielle Cohn photo 1 Q&A With My New Boyfriend! Danielle Cohn photo 2 Q&A With My New Boyfriend! Danielle Cohn photo 3 Q&A With My New Boyfriend! Danielle Cohn photo 4 Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

“Age is just a number”, yeah and jail is just a room 😭😍😍😍😍

To all you triggered 11 year olds, stay mad 🥰

by Aadya Sharma 2 weeks ago

sis, that ain’t no “new boyfriend” that’s leftovers 💀

by we stan cimorelli 1 week ago

So Ethan really was just a rebound? LMAO..Because basically if they're talking about loving each other and being secretly together for the past year,while she was with Ethan,I meannnn

by mkpouto Inyang 1 week ago

I’m over here reading the comments while Dani still goes on with the story

by Zoey Gutierrez 2 weeks ago

lmafo just wait for the “we broke up” video 🤣👀

by a d a w t 2 weeks ago

All of her boyfriends are the same, but they are in slightly different fonts.

by timothée chablagoo 2 weeks ago

I don’t get it. He does a whole live EXPOSING her telling everyone that she is 13. Then goes to his tik tok and puts on his bio MUST HAVE BIRTH CERTIFICATE but at the end of the day he decides to get back with her acting like nothing happened. That’s messed up I’m not gonna lie. 😐😑🤕🤨🤦‍♀️

by Lizamanda Frances 2 weeks ago

i love how they’re pretending ethan didn’t exist like around valentines wasn’t he your bf?

by Korki Kid 2 weeks ago

Is any one nosening that he hide his face almost the whole time

by keeley&fisher whan 2 weeks ago

Hell nah boyy
The dude choose a 14 years girl over his moma wtf is wrong with those kids?

by hihihi hahaha 2 weeks ago

Videos coming in June from Danielle Cohn:

1. Mikey keeps touching his hair and not me *emotional*
2. Mikey might go to jail🥺 *not clickbait*
3. Me and Mikey broke up *I’m heartbroken* 💔

Edit: Can’t take a joke? Then don’t reply.

by Tropical Thing's 1 week ago

her and Ethan were together at playlist. So she cheated on him and he’s the one that’s getting the hate. Hmmm interesting

by Sarah Mustafa 2 weeks ago

Mikey was looking down for the whole time as he was scared of the cops

Ahhh thx for 47 likes yall!!💝

by Charu Yuvaraj 2 weeks ago

this is the amount of times he touches his hair aha

by Lucy Davis 2 weeks ago

so when she was dating ethan she said that they were talking for months (while she was dating mikey?) but now she’s dating mikey and says they’ve been on and off for months (while she was dating ethan) like whaaa?

by mp4affirmations 2 weeks ago

The fact that Danielle lets him disrespect his mom is absurd. Honey, if he disrespects the WOMAN of his life he’s gonna disrespect you.

by Alyssa Leigh 2 weeks ago

This is how many times he was looking down constantly

by Itz tgracie2004 1 week ago

I just love how they pretend like Mikey didn't expose her age, called her racist, went on and off on live sayin shiii and how Dani is pretending like she never dated Ethan! Lmao Like basically u cheated on him??? Like also she frfr dating him knowing he could possibly go to jail in the next months?? Girl just plz stop dating boys bc like there's always a problem! PS: IS IT JUST ME OR THERE"S ALWAYS PROBLEMS WITH THOSE GIRLS THAT NAMES ARE DANI??!!

by Emily Chachi 1 week ago

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