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Billionaire's Son Trying To Be Relatable

#life of a billionaires son #son #billionaires #brat #Comedy
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Bobby Misner may be the son of a billionaire, but he's just like me and you! He goes on lavish vacations, has a private jet, and never has to work! Wait... that's what normal people's lives are like right?
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Danny Gonzalez photo 1 Billionaire's Son Trying To Be... Danny Gonzalez photo 2 Billionaire's Son Trying To Be... Danny Gonzalez photo 3 Billionaire's Son Trying To Be... Danny Gonzalez photo 4 Billionaire's Son Trying To Be...

the way he treats “beautiful girls” as objects alongside fast cars & parties freaks me out, dude. like......he treats them like they’re not people, but to be flaunted as a status symbol.......Big Yikes™

by Jane Heather 1 year ago

the way he just talks about “beautiful girls” makes me so uncomfortable

by m p 1 month ago

if i had a dime for every time he clasified girls as objects i would be a billionare and still have a bigger personnality than him.

by Zaira Pemberton 2 months ago

He clearly dropped out of school because he doesn’t know the difference between a 300 million dollars and 1 billion dollars

by fluffy doggo 1 month ago

If you're broke just get rich lmaO

by 6ix9ine 1 year ago

"My favorite color is red."
-Bobby, a 23 year old

by cheshire cat 1 month ago

Are we supposed to know who Julian Peretta is

by Any Sutherlin 1 month ago

i just feel bad for the mum, she must be really lonely ever since bobby went to go live with his dad

by mpants 1 month ago

If girls talked about traveling to meet “handsome boys” half as much as this dude talks about meeting “beautiful girls”, guys would be insecure as hell

by Josie Rocca 1 month ago

the fact that he categorizes "beautiful girls" as just another method of enjoyment for him really speaks volumes about what type of guy he is tbh

by Ellie Long 2 months ago

I'm a pretty good filmmaker" Literally has the worst sequencing by literally walking to a different lounge just to say a couple of words.

by tastyburger 1425 1 month ago

Bobby: “Your life is like a movie so why not make it the best one you’ve ever seen?”

Me: Everything I want to do is illegal

by The Small Cat 2 months ago

Has he had plastic surgery, because when he talks his face barely moves. It's creepy.

by Kerah 1 month ago

I don’t see why girls like him. He don’t be lookin too good.

by Tinnsu 1 month ago

Am I the only one wildly uncomfortable with the way he keeps repeating "beautiful girls" when listing his interests

by Lou Zeh 1 year ago

He’s not like other billionaire kids because he has only 300m

Edit: Thanks For The Likes : )

by angry corn 1 month ago

Why do I feel like Danny could be an older brother on a disney channel show?

by Elena Shill 2 months ago

I live in South Africa and the cliffs by the roads next to the sea are hella high, one wrong swerve and you're off the edge into the ocean. Kinda wish the cops hadn't stopped him, maybe then his vlog would be more interesting if he drove into the sea at like 150mph

by Tsunami Rage 1 month ago

This kid is uneducated, his handwriting is worse than a 6 year old's

by BritBlo x 2 months ago

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