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SICK: Kayleigh McEnany DEFENDS Trump White Power Tweet

#trump is a racist #trump white power video #2020 election. biden 2020 #biden vs trump #News & Politics
--Donald Trump's Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defends Donald Trump's retweet of a video where one of his supporters screams "white power"
Trump shared a Video of Supporter Shouting "White Power" https://youtu.be/WhrPRWZgZSU
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Broadcast on June 30, 2020
#davidpakmanshow #trumptwitter #kayleighmcenany

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David Pakman Show photo 1 SICK: Kayleigh McEnany DEFENDS Trump... David Pakman Show photo 2 SICK: Kayleigh McEnany DEFENDS Trump... David Pakman Show photo 3 SICK: Kayleigh McEnany DEFENDS Trump... David Pakman Show photo 4 SICK: Kayleigh McEnany DEFENDS Trump...

If Trump tweeted “Sieg Heil” at 3am she would still find a way to defend it. I’d literally bet 100 bucks on that. lol

by Peach Soda 3 days ago

She works for Trump. None of us believed she was a decent human being.

by Kennedy Lehane 3 days ago

They must have a Magic 🎱 Ball of excuses:
"He was just kidding."
"That's fake news!"
"He was being sarcastic."
"He didn't say that."
"That's not what he meant."
"You misunderstood him."
"That was a joke!"
"He was just trolling the media."
"It was locker room talk."
"We do this all the time; get over it!"
"He didn't tweet it, he retweeted it."
"It was a slip of the tongue."
"But what about Obama?/Hillary?"
"You're just a Never-Trumper!"

They wake up, find out what dumb/false/damaging/racist/hateful/traitorous/dangerous/criminal thing, he said or did, the day or night before, give their trusty "Magic 🎱 Ball" a little shake, and get to spinning the news... It must be absolutely exhausting; bless their little hearts.😒

by Suzy Q 3 days ago

Kayleigh 'I'll never lie to you' McEnany clearly has no shame

by Chris Jones 3 days ago

“The President stands with hiss supporters” He is supposed to stand with every American.

by Cander5142 3 days ago

What a complete and utter disgusting administration

by Daniel Blain 3 days ago

“More power to her.”

-President glorox extra white.

by Mozues Olympian 3 days ago

There will be a tribunal in Trump’s future.

by Lynette Patton 3 days ago

Why can’t American reporters just say “that’s utterly ridiculous” or “do you think the American public are stupid” or even “that’s a lie”...
Magananny would be absolutely shredded here in my country,in minutes by reporters.

by Mark Hepworth 3 days ago

Got to give her credit for a quick and never ending reserve of BS.

by Neville 3 days ago

It's not like Trump's supporters would be somehow appalled if Trump didn't take the video down... He's already trimmed most of the fat of his base and all that's left are the truly ignorant of america, of which there are way too many.

by O 3 days ago

Most funny part was when she said Q: tRump is the most informed president. Lmao

by Willy S 3 days ago

David: How stupid does Trump think his followers are?
Followers: Yes.

by J L N 3 days ago

I actually find it quite believable that Trump’s attention span is less than 8 seconds.

by Earth Wisdom Productions 3 days ago

When the world’s fossil fuels run out - we will be able to to draw on Kayleigh as a source of carbon because of the amount of bullshit she has in reserve...

by Stewart Cowley 3 days ago

Such BS! The “White P...!” is actually the only thing that you can clearly make out in that first part of the clip.

by TR Roland 3 days ago

"I love the poorly educated" -Trump
And I can see why he does.

by Rickus LastName 3 days ago

The GOP is allowing and enabling all of this. 33 republican members of the Senate are running for re-election in November and they all need to pay for their failure

by Life'saBeach 3 days ago

Of course she does, she has no soul.

by Zero Ninety 3 days ago

“How stupid does he think his supporters are” hahaha hahaha hahaha

by mmzen 3 days ago

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