cable vs booster gold marvel dc comics death battle

death-battle photo 1 cable vs booster gold marvel... death-battle photo 2 cable vs booster gold marvel... death-battle photo 3 cable vs booster gold marvel... death-battle photo 4 cable vs booster gold marvel...

Imagine having the most powerfull shield in the universe just laying around in a dusty museum....

by 07kilswitch 1 month ago

I’m surprised Death Battle hasn’t done Gandalf vs Dumbledore yet.

by That Annoying Furry 1 month ago

"How did that golden dingus beat mutant Jesus!?" A rhyme worthy of Dr. Suess.

by Malcolm Fitzgerald 1 month ago

Ah yes. The most powerful tool in the arsenal of imagination. The everything proof shield.

by TheGameMerchant 1 month ago

Cable: So then I grabbed him, call the fight a farce, and travelled back in time so that he could be eaten by a dinosaur.
Doctor Doom: Hmm, sounds... familiar.

by Elmo9001 1 month ago

I love how they felt the need to rationally yet dramatically explain their result at the end, as if prepping for a tsunami of hate from Cable fans.

by Talowolf 1 month ago

You guys should do Marvel's Ego the living planet vs DC's Mogo, the Green lantern planet.

by john98765333 3 weeks ago

Cable died with the introduction of Netflix.

by Chris Baskin 1 month ago

The whole video I'm like "This isn't even fair" and I'm a HUGE Booster Gold fan. He's my favorite comic hero. But I never thought he'd actually win.

by LordBarros 1 month ago

So... Cable was only using 5% of His Power in Deadpool 2

by The Last Mimiga 1 month ago

This whole fight was just a grown-up version of playground LARPing where that one kid says, "My shield deflects all attacks"

by Karnera Mythos 1 month ago

“A force field that can block even bacteria”

Ah, well that would’ve been useful a couple of months ago in China.

by 21-0RIDER 3 weeks ago

I'm about to get the High Ground on Kakashi if you know what I mean!

by Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 month ago

As someone very familiar with Booster Gold, I was just like

“I can’t see how Cable can kill him”

by Dearth of Doohickey’s 1 month ago

Booster Gold feels like the perfect character for a Marvel's movie.

by Jack G 3 weeks ago

“Greatest hero you’ve never heard of”
People who grew up watching JLU: “oh boy we’re in for a ride”

by One Conn 1 month ago

Sooo Booster Gold is pretty much DC's Johny Cage? 🤔

by Christin Eleven 3 weeks ago

"I gave it to YOU!"
That was a pretty amazing way to win.

by Scorpious Krimson 3 weeks ago

Cable is probably the only hero ever created that can literally slap you into next week

Edit: when Bosster Gold says "oh hey I can do that too." He was talking about time travel.

by Braden Myers 1 month ago

I wanted Booster Gold to win but my bet was on Cable.

Note to self: Never bet money.

by sporebliss 1 month ago

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