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Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS Elfen Lied) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Which of these two psychos is crazy enough to win a DEATH BATTLE!?
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DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS...

who else skips the blue apron commercial

by Jerome Okafor 1 year ago

frankly lucy probably did a good thing in murdering those kids cause if freddy Krueger and Michael myers taught me anything the earliest signs of a psychopath is pet murder

by Dragonspine 123 9 months ago

For carnage, it was the worst day he had...

For lucy, it was friday.

by Jane Golbach 9 months ago

'It's raining, you're BLEEDING. Carnage IS STARVING!'

Genuinely chilling...

by Napoleon Complex 8 months ago

Wiz: Who could possibly stand up to Carnage?
Boomstick: Search Anime characters, set filter on crazy.
Wiz: Ingenious!

by Steven Flaningam 7 months ago

“I hate you” I think those were pretty good last words.

by Giovanni Manfredi 1 year ago

Lucy: My dog was murdered
John wick: I feel your pain

by Ronin 1 month ago

"Hey let's watch her kill some more people"

Joyful song plays

by Koyomi Araragi 5 months ago

Carnage dies:
Absolute carnage comes out: power level scales up

by Revenant 5 months ago

This video contains throwing pens and murder of dog murderers
Happy John Wick noises

by The One Eyed King 9 months ago

When one character alone makes the video Age Restricted

by Akuma Tenshu 5 months ago

"by now you've probably heard of blue apron" YES BECAUSE YOU WONT SHUT UP ABOUT IT

by Captain Cowfeet 9 months ago

On a serious note this Death Battle is one of the best

Great music, great battle. Solid

by DanielEndless 8 months ago

This might be my favorite Death Battle. Not only does it have one of my favorite Marvel characters, this also got me into Elfen Lied.

by ShyGuy 9 months ago

A human that wants to become a monster vs a monster that wants to become a human...

by WillTBear1 1 year ago

Imagine if carnage got some form of STD
His suit is made of blood, and they are transmitted by coming into contact with body fluids
He would be somehow even scarier

by john bailey 2 months ago


John Wick would like to know your location

by Max Jeffery 2 weeks ago

"Does it hurt yet? Don't worry.... I'll put you of your misery."

Best line. Great animation

by Joshua Lillard 2 months ago

In their description they basically labeled carnage as unkillable.....

by Omega Flame 5 months ago

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