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Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Danny Phantom VS American Dragon... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Danny Phantom VS American Dragon... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Danny Phantom VS American Dragon... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Danny Phantom VS American Dragon...

This battle was a real treat. I'm so glad I saw my character DANNY PHANTOM in an animation like this. Thank you to the Death Battle Team for putting this together.

by Butch Hartman 2 weeks ago

Dexter's Laboratory vs. Jimmy Neutron genius vs genius

by Hawk Williams 1 week ago

I think that generator rex vs max steel could be an interesting fight

by Luis Paredes 6 days ago

Jackie chan adventure "jackie chan" with all the talismans vs omi from xiaolin showdown with his shen gong wu's.

by Bryce Reese 1 week ago

Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny
Battle of the OGs

by Mike Vivien 1 week ago

"Officer I would like to report a murder"
"Can you recognise the victim"
"Yes, it's my childhood"

by That Random Guy 2 weeks ago

Disney+ doesn’t have the American dragon: jake long, and it pisses me off

by Yoda 1 day ago

How did you win Death Battle?
Mario: I Threw Sonic into the ocean and blew him up
TJ Combo: I uppercut somebody's head off
Obi-Wan: I cut somebody in half

by Perfect Angels 1 week ago

No better to pass quarantine time than watching 2 high school kids fight to the death

by gbenga omowa 1 week ago

This proves that ghosts are scarier than dragons.

by dolimi jotoo 1 week ago

Danny's Ghost/Ice typing gives him a clear advantage over Jake's Dragon/Flying type.

by DarkcIoud1111 2 weeks ago

I'm surprised there hasn't been a "John Constantine vs Dr Strange" yet.

by DavidBrit 1 week ago

Anyone else like Jake’s initial dragon transformation more? The skinny version just never sat right with me.

by Nine Teen 1 week ago

This comment section is pretty chill about this death battle

by Bill Cipher 1 week ago

Jake... So grandpa got any spells to bring me back to life?
Grandpa: yeah,..... How did this happened
Jake: i got killed by a half ghost half human

by Renamon 565 2 weeks ago

Alternate Ending
Jake: Yo, back to steal something else?
Danny: Nope just returning this.
Jake: K I'll be on my way.
The End and no one's childhood is ruined

by SonicNTGD 2 weeks ago

I want to see Robotboy vs Jenny.

by Arthur Cruz 1 week ago

A blood lusted Danny Phantom is actually a scary thought remember in Public Enemies where Danny swallowed a spork but then turned his hand intangible and reached inside of himself to remove it yeah now think of that spork as a heart.

by adam bump 1 day ago

It was pretty obvious who was winning after they mentioned Danny had fought a dragon before

by Angelo Ferreira 1 week ago

I hate to that I love both of these characters I literally loved he’s shows if you never seen these your too young

by ShadowBladerGod21 1 day ago

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