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Deadpool VS Mask (Marvel VS Dark Horse) | DEATH BATTLE!

DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Deadpool VS Mask (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Deadpool VS Mask (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Deadpool VS Mask (Marvel VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Deadpool VS Mask (Marvel VS...

So basically this is a fight between Ryan Reynolds and Jim Carrey?

by Joshua Aguilar 5 months ago

if deadpool put on the mask, wow I can't imagine it.

by Alan Ng 1 month ago

Something that not many know about Deadpool, He doesn't actually like chimichangas, he just thinks it's fun to say.

by OzzySilent420 3 weeks ago

"I swear if you cut to commercial I'll strangle you both with an actual blue apron."

Deadpool speaks for the people.

by Creative and funny name 1 month ago

Deadpool: my health bar has instant regain.
The Mask: the f**k is a health bar

by Game Slayers 6 months ago

This video explain perfectly why you can't have cartoons in death battle, they will win always, becuase they have the cartoon power.

by HERODude92 2 months ago

look at DeadPools user name!!! Its NoobMaster69!! He's the one Thor threatened in Avengers: Endgame!

by Jesus Gallion 1 month ago

The founder of Dark Horse, who also wrote The Mask comics actually said
"I wanted to make a character, as crazy as The Joker"

by AP AMVs 1 month ago

This fight in summary:

Deadpool: uses anything
The Mask: Uno Reverse Card

by Sideswipe 909 6 months ago

I now just want to see 'Mask' fight literally everyone who's ever been in Death Battle in a Battle Royale just to see what would happen.

by Mina Monet 1 month ago

Mask: "Who is next?"
I nominate Freakazoid.

by Arkus 1 month ago

"we call it ...Toon force!"

maximillion pegasus: wizard boy, now you got my interest.

by Anonymous Monkey 1 week ago

This whole thing genuinely felt like an acid trip. I need to lie down.

by Gengarzilla 3 weeks ago

So Deadpool towards the end realized he wasn’t gonna win so he mailed away a Deus Ex Machina backup of himself so that while he lost the fight he still survives... neat

by David Wilson 6 months ago

the end always gets me

"pulls giant nuke out of pocket that says Fat Lady"
"counts down from 5 to 1, then Chicka Chicka Boom"

by Macho Pony 2 months ago

The “Deadpool Death Battle Trilogy”. The best trilogy on the internet.

by Quint Dunaway 1 month ago

It's Ryan Reynolds VS Jim Carrey:
Turbo VS Fox McCloud

by crazydayhyena 2 months ago

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