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Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) | DEATH BATTLE!

DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat...

Can we just appreciate the fact that they hired someone to say "Machamp" over and over again?

by The Bowz 1 month ago

Can we just take a moment to realize that Machamp just busted into Goro’s house starting beating the crap out of him throws him into orbit then suplex’s him back then DOUBLE DABS over his body in his house. Truly Machamp is the ultimate lifeform

by Lord of dank 1 month ago

Imagine being alive for more than two millienia, training for 500 years, just to lose to a smurf on steroids.

by Albert Marshall 1 month ago

Goro: No one can beat me

Machamp: Hold my mountain

by LifetimeOflogan 4 weeks ago

Goro: Literally just chillin in his house admiring his trophies
Machamp: so you have chosen... death

by PlayFlash Official 3 weeks ago

Who else was rooting for Machamp and actually felt proud when he won?

Most likes I’ve ever gotten on a comment, glad to see people agree!

by Helmaroc 1 month ago

Can we appreciate how Machamp just broke into Goro's house, probably thought Goro was a Machamp and they were sparing or something , then literally annihilates him?

by Ron Swanson 3 weeks ago

"Machamp can punch 1000 times in 2 sec"
So its the same type of stand as Star Platinum...

by Meh Meh 4 weeks ago

Top five flexers in death battle:

The mask
Shao khan

Honorable mention:
Zangief vs haggar (the muscle mass in the fight alone is a flex)

by Richard Turner 1 month ago

I recognized a few moves Machamp used in this battle:
Storm Throw
Knock Off
Seismic Toss (Of course)
Wring Out
and Thrash
Bide (?)
Thrash (Or a not yet full version of Close Combat)
Combo: Cross Chop + Rock Smash
Close Combat, Finishing with Sky Uppercut

Comment dow bellow what do you think and if I'm correct or not on it.

Also Machamp came really prepeared for this battle :v

by Jorge Pedro Jallo 1 month ago

Can we just take a moment to realize that machamp’s skull was completely broken but he had the will to still say machamp another million times

by VuDooh 1 month ago

I like how all these death battles start with “how do the two encounter each other?” This time, he just flies into the room and just says goddamned Machamp. Lmao

by Donovan Rose 1 month ago

Therapist: Dabbing Machamp isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.
Dabbing Machamp:

by Matthew Hahn 1 week ago

So by this logic machamp is stronger than most characters in MK history, I’m ok with that

by Depressed breakfast 2 days ago

When this battle was announced I immediately knew someone was getting their arms ripped off

by Maribel Rocha 1 month ago

"Face death like a warrior!"
quietly "champ."

by Seita 1 month ago

Machamp, as its Pokedex entry states, can move a mountain with one hand.

Machamp immediately wins.

by Amortal Demon 1 month ago

Sub-Zero: Ends Mortal Kombat’s losing streak
Captain Falcon,Black Canary and Machamp: Allow us to introduce ourselves

by DakaxeDaNinja 1 month ago

Goro: Shows up in the afterlife.
Ganondorf: Fancy meeting you here, Goro.
Goro: Don’t talk to me.

by Ryan Mann 3 weeks ago

You know... next year we should have hariyama vs. .. I don’t remember hariyama having spectacular feats in the dex, so it might be surprisingly close.

by M&M64 1 month ago

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