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Guts VS Nightmare (Berserk VS Soul Calibur) | DEATH BATTLE!

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DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Guts VS Nightmare (Berserk VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Guts VS Nightmare (Berserk VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Guts VS Nightmare (Berserk VS... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Guts VS Nightmare (Berserk VS...

Making a death battle between a demon and a demon slayer? What did you think was going to happen?

by Hynotama 1 year ago

Boomstick: Imagine if someone made a sword to murder you and it appears multiple times.
Ganondorf: Man let me tell you something

by Jonathan Desir 1 year ago

Normies:OMG!! Goblin Slayer is so gruesome and dark.
Berserk fans: Laugh in hiatus

by Black Knightz 4 months ago

Guts appears
Demons: why do i hear boss music

by coolchrisable 10 months ago

Believe it or not guys, Guts is actually the good guy of his story.

by FanFanatik 4 years ago

It's funny because Guts really didn't even need his berserker armor in this fight, Screw Attack just needed to show it at least once.

by Dead Harmony 1 year ago

The man had the worst day of his life when he was thrust into this world. And that bad day.....just kinda kept going. And escalating.

Death bumps shoulders with Guts in the hallway, he promptly hands Guts his wallet in a panic and vows he'll be more careful.

by Mc_ Zittrer 1 year ago

The true tragedy of Guts is the Berserk anime was never completed.

by Albert Nave 11 months ago

Guts, Goblin Slayer and Doom Guy walk into a bar...

by MrOrmanley 1 year ago

Ah, the Deathbattle that caused me to watch my first anime ever... Berserk was one hell of a way to start.

by Saheasy 10 months ago

Guts has the saddest, most horrific backstory I can recall ever hearing.

by -Speedy_-701 10 months ago

Dumb luck? No
Unstoppable Willpower? Yes

by Patrik 11 months ago

I never heard of Guts before this and I thought Nightmare had this in the bag.
Then I decided "hey let me read a few chapters of Berserk to see what this Guts guy is about."
Oh dear sweet salty Christ, Nightmare never stood a chance.

by Clipha FirePaw 3 years ago

Guts: Are you apart of the God Hand?
Nightmare: What?
Guts: just another apostle

by just a thought 4 months ago

Man, I canโ€™t believe they forgot to credit the Voice Actors for the fight:

- Blood Splatter Noise
- Clang

by Jacob Underwood 4 months ago

I love how guts is the only character to begin battle as SOON as the metalic "CHRING!" sound effect begins; he's already moving before the announcer is done saying "FIGHT!" My sensei taught us to use the GO signals that way. In DnD, they call it "Improved Initiative." IRL, it's crucial. Guts is also the only one still attacking after "K.O." just to be sure. Best warrior character ever.

by JustSomeGuy 7 months ago

Guts: Doom Slayer. I'm your ancestor.

Doom Slayer: . . . Can I have your sword?

Guts (Slasher Smile): RIP & TEAR . . . . . !

Doom Slayer (Grins): . . . . . UNTIL IT'S DONE!

(Cue to BFG Division)

by M.V.J 10 months ago

Guts is raw 90s anime manliness, he's so awesome he deserves another fight.

I want him to see fight Kenshiro!

by wizzzer1337 4 years ago

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