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Roshi VS Jiraiya (Dragon Ball VS Naruto) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Two powerful, prolific, and weirdly perverted masters of martial arts battle it out!
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DEATH BATTLE! photo 1 Roshi VS Jiraiya (Dragon Ball... DEATH BATTLE! photo 2 Roshi VS Jiraiya (Dragon Ball... DEATH BATTLE! photo 3 Roshi VS Jiraiya (Dragon Ball... DEATH BATTLE! photo 4 Roshi VS Jiraiya (Dragon Ball...

Roshi would have just showed jiraiya some nudy magazines and they would have become best friends

by Double Helix 1 year ago

He comes from a universe where everyone can destroy a world

by fearlessoraine12 5 months ago

Completely inaccurate, for roshi to really start building power and finish a fight, thats like 16 episodes right there

by Ace Beveridge 3 months ago

Roshi: “Only a coward lets others do their fighting for them.”

Naruto: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

by LLuxuryy 4 months ago

The real death battle is the comment section.

by what? 1 year ago

How much you wanna bet they'd actually become best friends

by David Deloera 5 months ago

We didn't need this fight honestly. Everyone knows without saying.

Dragon Ball's power scale > Naruto's power scale.

by Marshmallow Cloud 2 months ago

I love how boomstick comes off as a drunk, hick idiot at first glance, but then randomly shows signs of being smarter than Wizard, dropping facts about guns, reptiles, and other random stuff, even having a doctorate.

by Friction’s Rules 3 weeks ago

Poor Gamabunta, why did Jiraiya drag him into this, now he’s stuck in Roshi’s rice cooker forever😔

by Conmanay 3 months ago


by ScorchtheHawk 5 months ago

"Get... off... my...! LAWN!"
Probably my favorite moment in the whole fight.

by greenlight4star 3 months ago

so not canon, they would’ve done some ‘research’ together in the Leaf Village Women’s Room

by Zaddy Zay 1 month ago

I can't believe they made me watch Jiraya die a second time.

by Medium D Speaks 1 year ago

naruto fanboys: hE bLeW uP tHe MoOn
roshi : hold my beer

by Quinton Taylor 7 months ago

Roshi went toe to toe with Jiren. This fight was extremely loopsided.

by noname 8 months ago

and since Roshi can apparently now compete with fighters on ssj level or higher in the tournament of power, jiraiya definitely doesn't stand a chance.

by C-Red 7 months ago

“Whose this geezer?” Hey Jiralya you wanna be the pot or the kettle?

by Michael Demiurgos45 1 month ago

Female Wiz isn’t real. Female Wiz can’t hurt you

Female Wiz:

by Isaiah Deleon 3 weeks ago

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