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Deathpact - First Interference

Deathpact photo 1 Deathpact - First Interference Deathpact photo 2 Deathpact - First Interference Deathpact photo 3 Deathpact - First Interference Deathpact photo 4 Deathpact - First Interference

Cant wait till you have millions of followers you DESERVE it.

excellent sound

by Na$ty 1 year ago

We have the key, but what shall we unlock?

by Hyponum Angel 1 year ago

took me forever to find this channel cause i heard their song danger on spotify and I finally found it.

by Kitetsu II 1 year ago

This guy is gonna be big mark my words

by Mouje 1 year ago

Definitely something I can see dropped behind Justice's "DVNO".

This is just so damn catchy! I'm glad Joel brought you into the limelight!

by AG Kaiju 3 weeks ago

Don't stop doing what you do

by The Mortal 1 year ago

Ok NOW you are one of my favorites

by Silent Fang 8 months ago

Absolutely sic track. Everything you have dropped is fng FIRE

by Radagast 11 months ago

I cannot wait for your live debut, come to COLORADO!!!!!!!

by Angelena Montoya 1 year ago

you have a great taste of music

by Yano 9 months ago

Finally, after about 30 listens ya bois favorite song to drink some water to yo!

by I am Strigidae 1 year ago

May I have le key? Ur great by the way.

by Im Ded 1 year ago

Already can't wait to see you live one day

by Odiingrad 1 year ago

An acount of saundclaud you have

by Alex Brt 1 year ago

I thought my phone was glitching

by Ri m 1 year ago

what an epic personality

by Yano 9 months ago

It does sound a bit Daft Punky, Ed Bangish, Rezzy and 1700-Lish at the same time

by Robin Marty 9 months ago

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