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Clouds l Official Trailer | Disney+

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Rediscover the phenomenon and true story of Zach Sobiech in Clouds, an Original Movie, streaming Oct. 16 only #DisneyPlus. #CloudsMovie
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#cancer #friendship #love story #inspiring #inspiration #relationship #clouds

Disney photo 1 Clouds l Official Trailer |... Disney photo 2 Clouds l Official Trailer |... Disney photo 3 Clouds l Official Trailer |... Disney photo 4 Clouds l Official Trailer |...

I almost cried in the trailer, that movie looks like such a beautiful movie

by Raphael Phin 1 week ago

I'm so happy that Sabrina Carpenter came back to Disney

by E 12 1 week ago

This looks like its gonna be a good movie

by corrxpted_gem 1 week ago

Donโ€™t wanna sound mean but some directors just donโ€™t want to experiment.

by Roni Dui 2 days ago

This looks SO good, these are the kind of Disney+ original movies I'm looking for.

by Scott Wallace 1 week ago

Forget the Mulan remake, this actually might be the best Disney film of the decade!

by FOXTherron7 5 days ago

I was learning about Zach Sobiech when I was in high school and after we watched his documentary, our teacher told us he recently passed away in May 2013 and we just all sat there in silence. I will always remember his legacy and what cheer he brought to people with his song.

by Jessica McCartney 1 week ago

This must be that Disney magic I've heard so much about.

by Dalem Silas 4 days ago

When is disney+ coming to west Africa? We need you here too please.

by Elikem Adonoo 23 hours ago

I'm here for Sabrina, stayed for the stories. I looked up his life and I know I will cry

by cami 1 week ago

I used to listen to his song back in highschool and just thought about him last week. This looks pretty good I hope it is.

by Rey Gonzalez-Montelongo 2 days ago

I have been inspiring people about Zach's story of him battling cancer and performing clouds to make people happy and make the best of things so let me say Zach Sobiech your a good guy and a rock legend and I know your friends and family are missing you dearly but all I know is we'll float up in the clouds and we'll never see the end and honestly this movie will make me cry and happier cause it reminds me Of the man who wrote the greatest song in the world "Clouds"

by Garin Lang 1 week ago

When you get goosebumps during the trailer

by Brier Bear 1 week ago

See, they just need to keep making original movies and stop with the sequels, I enjoy seeing different stories

by JOHNNYFILMS 1 day ago

I'd never heard about Zach Sobiech before until I came across this trailer. I looked up in google about his entire life story, watched the documentary and I couldn't hold back my tears. It's just so beautiful and inspiring, can't believe I was living under a rock all these days...

by Mayurakshi Ghose 6 days ago

already know I'm gonna love this movie, especially cuz Sabrina Carpenter is in it

by Alex Woo 1 week ago

The first notes of Clouds and i'm already crying

by Stessie Egouy 1 week ago

This is a plot leak basicly but it looks pretty good tho

by Master Jay 1 week ago

This looks so beautifully made... Madison Iseman, Fin Argus and Sabrina Carpenter blend together perfectly. I've been waiting for this film from the day it's production was announced and I'm so happy with this trailer. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

by cactus juice 1 week ago

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