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Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

dojacatVEVO photo 1 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 2 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 3 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 4 Doja Cat - Like That...

Doja's pants reminds me of James Charles pants that one time 👀

by GreenTea 1 week ago

She looks like a life-sized Bratz doll especially with that outfit

by Subscribe to an Egg 1 day ago

I tried learning that split she did at the end

My current location is the hospital

by Lebo Mmatjie 1 day ago

Everyone: she’s canceled, she not gonna have the same energy..

Doja: hold my 4ft du-rag😤

by Nesquik Nib 1 day ago

Can we take a moment to appreciate her dancing. Queen slays

by Trey Sebastian 1 week ago

The dislikes were staring at doja and meant to press the like button.

by BunnyBlingg 1 day ago

Isnt this a Janet Jackson song...if not she definitely has a Janet sound on the chorus.

by QueenYsrael 803 1 day ago

Okay but we gotta talk about that spilt at the end, that was so smooth, she slayed it, periodt.

by Subscribe to an Egg 1 day ago

No one gonna talk about how this studio didnt credit the artist who created the animated sequences in this video? In only THREE days? Animation is HARD. The talented animator is Curie Lu. Show them credit where it’s due.

Edit (Update from Curie Lu on Twitter): "I want to apologize to @PsychoFilmsLLC and all parties including Doja. My comments on not being credited were in no direct connection to Psycho Films, Dreambear, or Doja Cat and was a misunderstanding. My work on the project is acknowledged by all parties and I did not understand the crediting process in the way that is handled in music videos."

by Jay Alco 1 week ago

Doja is that girl who no matter how much you see her face, you have no ideia what she looks like

by glândula sebácea 1 day ago

I don't remember this episode of Sailor Moon 🤔

by get a hobby 1 day ago

Fact : Only people who didn't come from TikTok can like this

by Bhavin OfficialTV 1 day ago

This is what James Charles wanted his coachella look to be.

by cali angel 1 week ago

Love this, but I’d be lying if I said Doja’s dancing didn’t remind me of the reaction of the guys who find out they aren’t the father on Maury.

by GAVIN.WEST 1 day ago

It makes me extremely happy whenever people get animated shots in their music videos

It makes me extra extremely happy when those animated shots reference Sailor Moon

by D-O-9 Bessa 22 hours ago

The cat face masks that the backups are wearing remind me of Go to Town 🤔

by Tame Doggo 1 day ago

Doja dancing is something I thought I would never need but now I'm desperate for her dancing now...

by Kristopher Bailey 1 day ago

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