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Losing a Best Friend

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To make your donation to Love From Sean, visit http://www.LoveFromSean.org or click the donate button above. No matter how small, every donation is going to make a difference. Let’s come together and outnumber this terrible disease. Your donation can save lives..
Directing and producing this documentary was very tough for us, but we will be forever grateful for everything we learned during the process of its creation. We believe that our father was very in touch with his soul’s purpose while he was here, which was to help people. Just by watching this documentary, you have done something for us that we are so thankful for. You have allowed our father to continue to give back and make a positive impact as he did when he was here..
A special message to anyone who is going through what we are - you are not alone. We understand how difficult this is. Sending love.
- Ethan and Grayson
When you donate to Love From Sean, you will be helping with these causes.
travel costs and rides to cancer treatment centers for patients.
provide therapy for those going through the grieving process after losing someone from cancer
help fund research for new cancer treatments that can prolong lives
the cancer treatment center where our dad received all of his treatments
help fund research to end childhood cancer
Written, Produced, & Directed by Ethan and Grayson Dolan.
Filmed & Edited by Kyle Houck, and PiersonX
Head Writer - Ryan Abe
Co-Writers - Nick Buongiovanni, and Dylan Conlin
Audio Engineers - Dylan Conlin
Production Assistant - Sterling Gualtieri.
Security Coordinator - Eric Pretzel

#charity #Losing a Best Friend #Dolan #dad #Love From Sean #sean #grayson

Dolan Twins photo 1 Losing a Best Friend Dolan Twins photo 2 Losing a Best Friend Dolan Twins photo 3 Losing a Best Friend Dolan Twins photo 4 Losing a Best Friend

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