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Paying My Twin $10,000 Every Time We Argue

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We had twin probs...
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Dolan Twins photo 1 Paying My Twin $10,000 Every... Dolan Twins photo 2 Paying My Twin $10,000 Every... Dolan Twins photo 3 Paying My Twin $10,000 Every... Dolan Twins photo 4 Paying My Twin $10,000 Every...

“We need to stop fighting”
Ethan: “I’m gonna go annoy Grayson in the kitchen”

by Natalie Rodgers 1 week ago

Ethan: "You culled me a hunchback duckling, you paused, and then you said you skinny f**king chicken arms."
Grayson: "I was trying to give you motivation"

by Rosalynne Dedmon 6 days ago

"Grayson is having 7 different converstations with himself right now"
I have never related more to a person in my life

by Blossom Official 6 days ago

When someone says to “calm down” that pisses me off even more. Like when E says it to Grayson I understand why they get mad at eachother💀💀

by Chunk Sawastuk 4 days ago

So no one is going to talk about how awkward they were while promoting those earplug thingies????😂😂😂😂

by miko foin 1 day ago

“You sounds like a walrus eating celery”
no one
Grayson: “probably because I’m the superior twin”

by Ava Foy 1 week ago

Paying my father’s offspring every single time he decides to verbally abuse me.

by OG Purified_MelOons 5 days ago

Let’s be honest. They argued over who is giving who the money in the thumbnail

by Ava Cantley 5 days ago

Ethan: Teslas are good for the environment

Also Ethan: Waste a lot of water to get Grayson mad

by Olympia Garzon 5 days ago

E- “DoNT make it like ThAt!”

G- “b..but it WAS like that!!”

by Lovely Lemon 5 days ago

• Don’t initiate a fight/argument

Both initiating fights for money 😭

by Jackson Watson 1 week ago

I’m casually snacking on crackers and when Grayson said he’s more “Robust” I started laughing and I choked 😅😅

by Gaby Rodriguez-Felix 4 days ago

Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks the kitchen was literally provoking an argument which was like rule #1

by Kerrin White 2 days ago

Ethan and Grayson: We need space
Also them: sharing a blanket

by Vera Melcher 4 days ago

“Grayson is having seven different conversations with himself right now.”

Honestly, MOOD

by Lovely Lemon 5 days ago

Ethan: “initiating an argument should be part of it”
Also Ethan: “He is the most vulnerable in the kitchen, I’m going to try to make some money”

by Natalie Leal 1 week ago

Dolan Twins: Gives $10,000 to each other when they argue.
My Siblings and I: Keeps Arguing.

by lilith • 5 days ago

"we're gonna stop arguing cause that's the whole point of this"
literally TWO SECONDS later
Ethan "I'm gonna go get in his way as much as possible"

by Hannah Coleman 2 days ago

Dolan twins- we argue too much, so let’s make a challenge to help us argue less.... but let’s set each other up for failure 😂😂😂😂

by OkaySheree 5 days ago

When they don’t say “WHATS UP GUYS WERE BACKKKKK!!!!!!”

by Daneeka Mekisic 5 days ago

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