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Tik Tok Boys Are Saying They Look Like Us...

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People made Tik Toks about us... so we watched them all
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Dolan Twins photo 1 Tik Tok Boys Are Saying... Dolan Twins photo 2 Tik Tok Boys Are Saying... Dolan Twins photo 3 Tik Tok Boys Are Saying... Dolan Twins photo 4 Tik Tok Boys Are Saying...

i love the fact that gray and ethan just post whatever they want whenever they want to now it just feels way more natural

by minx.toesies 5 days ago

No one : Grayson: my friend that wasn’t Ethan surprisingly

by Joséphine Jomphe 2 days ago

Grayson with his haircut looks like he belongs in almost every Netflix teen series

by vsB.anilE 2 days ago

So noone’s gonna mention that they did “peace” at the end of a video after so long😭

by Muskaan N 3 days ago

Just going to leave this here: NONE OF THOSE GUYS LOOK LIKE THEM.

by Sejla Dzankovic 1 day ago

Grayson’s hair is affecting me in a good way...

by Lolllzzz Xx 5 days ago

Grayson says he’s “too old” for TikTok, but Griffin and “Tommy” are older than the Dolans.

by Alonzo Dee Hayes 3 days ago

Ethan: “Yo these kidz from the bacc-“
Gray: “Don’t say it like that bro...”

by Lloud Sirens 1 day ago

“these kids from the back”
“these gentlemen’s turned around”

by Evelyn Mateo 2 days ago

When they talk like old men. Specially Gray who thinks he's like a Dad, I feel old. I've been here for a long time now and I feel like I'm growing up with them so when they talk like that I also feel old. Lol I'm only 20 yet I feel 30.

by Aly Whoop 3 days ago

Ethan and Grayson are the two types of hairstyles during quarantine

by Noah Chen 3 days ago

“wE dIdNt gO tO hIgH sChOoL” but talks about how miserable they were in high school on a previous video.

by annag cocl 1 day ago

The white dudes that said they look like them and then turned around and looked nothing like them were so cringey LMFAO

by Anthony Rodrigeus 3 days ago

let’s be real here, none of those tiktokers look like the twins

by Nicole Barclay 5 days ago

“These gentlemen turned around” BRO IM HOLLERINNGGGGH

by King Crystal 2 days ago

When Ethan said: "My friend who wasn't Ethan surprisingly" - I felt that

by Rebecca Abela 1 day ago

Grayson: I have met tommy before

Me: who’s tommy.....PETROLEUM JELLY IS THAT U!

by Laura Byrne 2 days ago

I literally can’t imagine thousands of people making tiktoks about me

by Tayler Ford 3 days ago

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