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We Got EVERY Identical Twin On The Internet In One Zoom

Dolan Twins photo 1 We Got EVERY Identical Twin... Dolan Twins photo 2 We Got EVERY Identical Twin... Dolan Twins photo 3 We Got EVERY Identical Twin... Dolan Twins photo 4 We Got EVERY Identical Twin...

Its funny how Musically Lisa and Lena are on a zoom with TikTok Charli and Dixie

by Vengelle 1 week ago

“If you’re not identical you can’t get in” charli and Dixie join me: I mean... close enough

by BriannaMotte 2 days ago

“Quick inappropriate question, do y’all look the same naked..”

by Bendy A 2 days ago

“When we were six” 😂😂😂😂 honey that’s every birthday I’ve ever had

by Esmeralda Vigil 2 days ago

once quarantine is over y’all should get together and like go to a drive thru at like a bunch of different fast food places and go in two separate cars and one of each twin should be in each car. ex: car 1: dixie, alex, sam, marcus, nick, vanessa, lisa, gabi, paula, bailey. car 2: charli, alan, teagan, lucas, adam, veronica, lena, niki, aitana, brooklyn. and like sit in the same seats and dress the same

by Emily Francoso 2 days ago

Gabi: “Inappropriate question. Do y’all look the same naked?”
Niki: “GABI!!”

This part has me dying 😂😂😂

by dreamygirl 1 week ago

Gabi: Do y’all all look the same naked?
Niki and Gabi fans: that’s our queen

by Edie Barclay 2 days ago

Gabi: I wonder you y’all look the same naked
me: I just can’t breathe anymore lmao😂

by Cameron Cleary 2 days ago

“Do y’all look the same naked?” ....... “GABY!

by Mara Berkhout 2 days ago

dolan: *invites twins in zoom *

dolan: * invites Charli and Dixie*

everyone: * talks about twins stuff*

charli and dixie on zoom: * akwardly silent*

by DimpleBee 3 days ago

They missed a chance by not naming it the: IdentiCALL

by Quinty V 1 week ago

being a fraternal twin feels like being the Walmart version of identical twins

by Eva Jarman 2 days ago

“Do you have lipstick on?”


by Jello 2 days ago

I laughed SOOOOOOO hared when Gabi asked, "Do you guys look the same naked." lol

by Raena Faith 2 days ago

Why did Charlie and dexie looks like mia kalifa with them glasses on😂

by NZT SKYRISE 2 days ago

lisa, lena, charli and dixie: on the same zoom call

WhEn WoRlDs CoLliDe

by Exist6nce 1 week ago

The call seemed a bit awkward when some of them were talking the others were like*....*

by Racheal Oyedokun 2 days ago

When charli and Dixie aren’t twins but on it

by Skye Reyn 2 days ago

They missed the Martinez Twins and Montoya Twins. If the Martinez twins were their it would of been sooo complete!

by ashleyygg 2 days ago

The queens of and tiktok Lisa and Lena were there. And the new queen charli too

by Abdihamid 114 3 days ago

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