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If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart (Full Series)

Dorkly photo 1 If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart... Dorkly photo 2 If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart... Dorkly photo 3 If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart... Dorkly photo 4 If Pokemon Trainers Were Smart...

This is the full series....for now. Keep watching + sharing if you want us to bring these good boys back

by Dorkly 1 week ago

This one of the most heartwarming realtionship dorkly has ever made.

by Q reaper 11804 1 week ago

The 92 dislikes are from those who are lacking the true friendship of Scyther

by Khanivore 1 week ago

When Red told Scyther to call him "Friend" I swear that made me cry a bit

by FangTheRagingWings 1 week ago

I think everyone glossed over Ditto saying that Red isnt a human. He has a human form

by The Steel Centurion 21 6 days ago

Can we just appreciate this scyther's unquenching loyalty to Red.

by Vincent Her 1 week ago

Syther: you have like eight of those..... here's the shiny one

by Rich Reyes 1 week ago

this trainer is rare for 2 reasons, he is smart

And he love his pokemon :,V

by El Palomo :v 1 week ago

This is why everyone in the series is kinda dumb.
If they had at least normal intelligence it would absolutely ruin the games.
They have to be dumb or else it......
This would happen.

by edge lord 1 week ago

Im gonna cry. That last part where Red lets Scyther know that He is his friend and Dorkly's slow death. Im gonna cry!

by Salvador Salinas 1 week ago

This is refreshing after watching Rusty's abuse of his Beedrill.

by loafhero 1 week ago

If Pokemon trainers were smart they'd reverse engineer TMs and sell them to retail.

by Luke Faulkner 1 week ago

The trainer is more like a Team Rocket Boss than the boss himself is. But he's just a little scary with his monotone, he's still wholesome to and care about his pokemon inside

by Leon 6 days ago

The dislikes are from trainers that found out their Pokémon was stolen by Red`s hacking.

by Sammy Scott 1 week ago

Everybody: ugh quarantaine is so boring

Dorky: fear no longer

by Poesalec 1 week ago

When that Scyther goes "WEEEEEEEE" it melts my heart more than ever

by Brandon Youth 1 week ago

a planet of shuckles is the most terrifying and stupid thing in the world

by A Canadian Pumpkin 1 day ago

Who wants to bet red genetically made syther talk with science

by Kasen Daniel 1 day ago

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