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Inside a WINCH-CAT GROOMER at Fernie Alpine Resort, BC

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Grooming steep slopes requires the use of a winch to help pull the cat (groomer) up the mountainside, and so it doesn't slide down the mountain while trying to groom the terrain. In this video, I go for a ride along with Blair who has been grooming at Fernie Alpine Resort for the last 30 years!
People like Blair are the unsung heroes of the mountain, and so I made this video to ensure they get the credit they deserve, as well as to give you some insight as to how it is done with these awesome machines!
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DownieLive photo 1 Inside a WINCH-CAT GROOMER at... DownieLive photo 2 Inside a WINCH-CAT GROOMER at... DownieLive photo 3 Inside a WINCH-CAT GROOMER at... DownieLive photo 4 Inside a WINCH-CAT GROOMER at...

Props to the driver/operator! The man is a true professional. I’m sure he is underpaid and undervalued.

by Matt Heaton 2 years ago

Blair the operator sounds like a man who knows his business. Exactly who you would want running one of these expensive machines.

by Nederlander 1 year ago

The groomer needs some grooming.

by mack- mann 1 year ago

Sick vid! Always wanted to know about those groomers. Plus that operator is quite a character! He’s got some serious chops going on!

by Rob Steves 2 years ago

I don’t like looking at that cable.

by Jetski Jay 1 year ago

The drivers beard/hair thing he has going on is absolutely epic!!😂 You could see him in a grocery store and know he’s a groomer!

by D B 5 months ago

This reminds me of climbing dunes with a jeep at silver lake lol (other end of the climate spectrum) that angle always feels like you're gonna flip backward lol great vid!

by Twerking Twinkies 1 year ago

Not shown in video: Blair bagging the pow line & then grooming over the evidence. 😎

by misterfunnybones 1 year ago

Thanks for the tour Blair and Downie! Many turns!

by briansmobile1 1 year ago

Awesome videos. Its always interesting to see the behind-the-scenes of how a ski resort works.
It also makes you whine less about costly lift tickets. :)

by Christian Westling 4 months ago

NEIL YOUNG WORKS AT SKI RESORT !!! Music business is rough on old Rockers

by coby PORSCHIFER 1 year ago

Now I know where Neil Young spends his winter months! Seriously though, these Cats are awesome machines. I saw them from a distance years ago at Whistler, and I got to do a ride along in a regular groomer once here in Ontario at Blue Mountain, but that was an epic video. Thanks to you Fernie!

by Chris Gilbert 3 months ago

Blair is REALLY good at explaining the gear and processes.

by sjc1204 1 year ago

Give this video an award. Mike, you're such a natural. I hope some cable show picks you up, if that's what you want. That driver really knows his stuff. Great video.

by GrotrianSeiler 3 months ago

Wowo 30 years!. I miss my snowcating days.

by TheXanUser 1 year ago

Here in Sioux City Iowa we have a tube hill and we use this type of machine to groom the hill it awesome watching it work

by Snowmen 2017 1 year ago

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