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Patriots “Believe” in Jarrett Stidham

DPN Sports Talk photo 1 Patriots “Believe” in Jarrett Stidham DPN Sports Talk photo 2 Patriots “Believe” in Jarrett Stidham DPN Sports Talk photo 3 Patriots “Believe” in Jarrett Stidham DPN Sports Talk photo 4 Patriots “Believe” in Jarrett Stidham

I haven't said this in a long long long time " let's go Stiddy, my man my QB make em all ask Brady who?

by Sergio Martins 1 week ago

Quick point

Compare Seahawks to Pats

Seahawks have Russel Wilson making 45 million

Pats have Stidham on rookie
Less than one million a year

Gronkowski makes 10 million a year

Pats have Money to pay
4.5 players Gronkowski money

For four years will Stidham will
Cost Less than one million a year

This means Pats have a QB
And money to pay 4 to 5
Gronkowski caliber player

While Sea Hawks just have
Wilson as QB

In 2021 Pats have $90 million
Free money 💰

All Stidham has to do is be average and they can load the
Roster with heavy hitters like
5 or so Gronkowski type players

Simple math
Great strategy from Belichick

by Bela Cheat 1 week ago

When we in the playoffs , they gonna say pats cheated .....xhaching

by adrian jay 1 week ago

I believe Stidham will be a good QB for the Pat's. I cant say I know that for a fact, but as Ray says, only time will tell.

by Jack Keesee 1 week ago

A lot of confidence? Oh boy we'll see. 😂😂😂

by Pats Time 1 week ago

Lol look what just happened cam newton

by Roman Torres 1 week ago

They should bring Cam Newton in . He is a star . I am 54 and have not missed a game since the late 70's when I had to listen on the radio .

by dave gass 1 week ago

Might wanna rethink this now that the Pats signed Newton

by Andrew Mann 6 days ago

I'm sure Pats believed Cyrus Jones could've been a #1 CB too.

by Pats Time 1 week ago

If Stidham came out after his junior year he would've been a 1st rd pick. Clearly they liked him they drafted him. He's been around for a year now so they should have some idea of what they have skill wise. Now it's time to translate that to game time

by Anthony Yusef 1 week ago

Hey these guys make it to the pros then they got to work and work it and work it day and night to be the number one and don't go down on the three count

by post1959 1 week ago

Yea they believe he’ll warm cams bench real nice lmao letsss go pats nation we got cam

by black john snow 1 week ago

He picked up the system really fast dating back to preseason. And that’s a fact!

by Mike Larry 1 week ago

Jarrett stidham AKA The Wolf

by REDRUM187 1 week ago

So many Pats fans are already giving up on the season 🤦‍♂️. I believe Jarrett can be good if not great. I believe he could be as good as a jimmy G or Kirk Cousins. He’s got a good arm, great leadership skills, and he was trusted last year to be a backup to a 42 year old who for all Bill knew could have gotten injured on any given second over a 11 year vet Brian Hoyer who has some experience as a starter and been in the pats system for years. Lastly, the patriots with best defense in the league last year were all saying nothing be good things and they have faith in him. All of are defensive players have seen and played against good and trash QBs so if anyone would know it would be them.

Pats go 9-7
Jarrett throws 25TDs 10picks and 3700 yards

by Patriots_All_Day 1 week ago

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