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Drake - When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle

When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle (Official Video)
Dark Lane Demo Tapes.
Director: Theo Skudra
Producer: Christian Tyler
Cinematographer: Theo Skudra
Editor: Theo Skudra
Production Company: Colossale
"When To Say When"
Producer: Gaetan Rousseau
Producer: Nico Thau
Production Manager: John Morrow
Location Scout: Conlan Olberding
B Cam Operator: Pierrick Reiss
1st AC (A Cam): Tsyen Shen
1st AC (B Cam): Luna Burns.
1st AC: Vincent Howard
2nd AC: Greg Howard
Gaffer: John Ward
Gaffer: Amaal Mustafa
Best Boy Electric: Jonathan Mejia
Key Grip: Phil Sokoloff
Best Boy Grip: Kurtis Riley
Driver: Jonathan Charles.
Equipment Van Driver: Iraki Kurdiani
Set PA: Sebastien Le Coz
Set PA: Achille Vanderhaeghen
"Chicago Freestyle"
Production Coordinator: Cameron Frangopoulos
1st AC: Nick Coffin
1st AC: Nick Petrie
Gaffer: Alex Poutiainen
Steady Cam: Greg Frankovich
Conform & Online: Assembly Reps
Colour: Artjail
Executive Producer at ArtJail: Leslie McCartney
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles.
Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain

Drake photo 1 Drake - When To Say... Drake photo 2 Drake - When To Say... Drake photo 3 Drake - When To Say... Drake photo 4 Drake - When To Say...

Who thinks Chicago freestyle is better than toosie slide?

by Justin Sciangula 2 months ago


by ִ 4 weeks ago

Idk how people be saying drake is trash, he overplayed cuz he popular, but man sure aint trash

by Mike K 2 months ago

People think Drake is trash because his best songs aren’t mainstream

by Carter Bilbro 3 weeks ago

One random person who like this will be a millionaire.

by Agnesa 3 months ago

Drake during this Quarantine did more songs than Rihanna in 5 years

by Jdl D Legend 1 week ago

The world going to miss Drake when it’s all over... No one can do this rap shit like him!

by Swisher Blaster 1 month ago

One random person that likes this will be a BILLIONAIRE

by Jordan Sneaks 3 months ago

One random person who likes this will be a TRILLIONAIRE!!!

by g1eorge 1 month ago

If Giveon wasn’t on Chicago freestyle the song would just be ayt, give the man some credit!! Like if u think giveon deserves more credit♥️

by Tayyeb Mohammed 1 month ago

"all these blessings just to give to other's anyway"

by Bryce Rochester 2 weeks ago

Damn that Eminem "superman" reference at the end tho.

by 37H4N 4L0N50 3 weeks ago

To everybody saying “drake stole Eminem shit”: it’s an interpolation. A way of paying homage. This is not biting. He’s paying respect. Em did with JayZ on Business, JayZ did with Em on Success. Respect and understand the culture, PLEASE. (Bless up to the ones understanding)

by Mathew Aguilar 4 months ago

me listening to songs most of drake’s songs have a billion views i mean most of them.

by Aurora Warren 2 days ago

Lol... How can u not like this guy!!! After he dropped the TAKE CARE album, the world was his!!!

by Steven Swain 2 days ago

yoooo his hands got an impact on his voice dude he really did that at the record

by TYTTI 3 weeks ago

Biggest artist of this generation, hads down

by Renan Rattis 2 months ago

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