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Drew Dirksen photo 1 I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KISSED Drew Dirksen photo 2 I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KISSED Drew Dirksen photo 3 I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KISSED Drew Dirksen photo 4 I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KISSED

I can't believe Drage in this video!!!

by BrittHertz 2 weeks ago

'you just kissed my girl' like if u heard it

by A&G STUDIOS 2 weeks ago

I love how drage was tied up because he kissed Britt

by Allie Stanko 2 weeks ago

Just saw Drage kiss Britt and was like ‘Drage, that is a death wish’

by Grace Williams 2 weeks ago

The way drew said “oh my god are you ok” is so cute

by Elise Owens 2 weeks ago

Kacey: “I’m not doing a thing you say”
2 seconds later
Drew: “do the renegade”
Kacey: does renegade*

by Roblox Gaming 2 weeks ago

Billy “ meh I’ve kissed better”

I was literally dying when he said that

by Kianah Alvarez 2 weeks ago

Who has been a fan of Drew before 2020

by Lizzie Mcright 2 weeks ago

TITLE: I CANT BELIEVE THEY KISSED! New Title: Britt enjoyed kissing Drew in front on everyone 😂

by Covid Trippyツ 2 weeks ago

I want a brother like drew he is the best

Edit: Thank you all for the like I appreciate you 🙃

by Kameryn Klassen 2 weeks ago

I like how Drage was tied up at the end and everybody is just chilling LOL

by Caleb Waycott 2 weeks ago

This is how much people want drew and Brit to Date

by Jason Grau 2 weeks ago

Drew- “u can’t just kiss my frickin girl like that”

by Nick Gilpin 2 weeks ago

I wish I could spend a day at the funk fam house drew and everybody seem so sweet

by Hailey Paquette 2 weeks ago

I don’t like drage he has no respect for anyone’s relationships

by Itsofficialyluke 2 weeks ago

“Me screaming in my room because they kissed”
My brother and my cousin:*bruh*

by ExoticJay YT 2 weeks ago

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