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I FINALLY ASKED HER *The Highest Road*

Drew Dirksen photo 1 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 2 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 3 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The... Drew Dirksen photo 4 I FINALLY ASKED HER *The...

This makes me so emotional and I’m so grateful to call you mine 💜

by BrittHertz 1 day ago

The sky divers were prolly like “they weren’t already boyfriend and girlfriend?” Lol

by Kyle Tessier 23 hours ago

We will look back at this when u guys get married

by John 1 day ago

Drew acted like she wasn’t going to say yes lmao😂

by Soda FN1 1 day ago

If that is how he asks her to be his girlfriend imagine if they get married

by Zach Willard 1 day ago

Who else thinks they should get married in 2 or 4 years

👇🏻 if u agree

by Emma Hill 23 hours ago

Britt: guess what guys! Drew is my boyfriend!
¿Marc/kel? in the backround: eww.

by Rex Commander 1 day ago

Drew: “I never thought it would develop to this...”
Me: rly Drew? Are you sure about that??

by Erin Ryan 1 day ago

When drage held the sign I thought he was gonna say that he was asking her out lol

by Taj Lock 1 day ago

Now those to cute couples are together when is chelsy and nick getting together 😂

by Marcus Matarangas 21 hours ago

Britt surprises drew with Lamborghini
Drew: will you marry me!

by Mr mrazzy 1 day ago

They were kissing and stuff before so like I didn’t know they wouldn’t be together already🤣🤪


“The feeling when she said yes was the best feeling in the entire world” Can’t relate

by julian campos 1 day ago

WOW this turned out so perfectly, i’m so happy i could help make this happen 💗

by Kacey Dirksen 1 day ago

me: damn theres no more secreate couple stuff
also me: wait....... hannah and corey yaaaaaay

by Maddy Murphy 1 day ago

No one talking about how they just randomly kissed each other before “Boyfriend and Girlfriend”

by Double Oh Seven 43 minutes ago

When I read the title I thought u were going to ask her to marry u. 😂

by Lawson Rowe 21 hours ago

And I love billy he's so funny and that other guy

by pat price 1 day ago

When I get a girl I want billy to be the waiter

by Alex Mendez 1 day ago

Im confused on why uve kissed so much and not be dating

by shadow plays 1 day ago

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