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Ross Patterson Revolution #556 - You Risked It All For Chase Rice?

#Kelsea Ballerini #Black Lives Better #Travis Scott #Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary #Comedy
In Ross Patterson Revolution episode 556, Ross and Jessie discuss, - Celebrity deformities such as Nick Jonas' nipples and Megan Fox's weird thumb.
- Chase Rice holds a 4,000 person concert
- Is Joe Biden going to pick Elizabeth Warren as VP?
- Dr. Dre's wife files for divorce - She will get $400 million!
- Films are filming in Iceland now due to no cases
- Kanye releases new song "Wash Us in the Blood" with Travis Scott
- Terry Crews starts the hashtag in his most recent tweet Blacklivesbetter
Ross and Jessie discuss celebrity deformities such as Megan Foxโ€™s thumb and Nick Jonasโ€™ nipples, Bachelor country star Chase Rice is facing heat for holding a 4,000 person concert in Tennessee, Ross wonders if Joe Biden is going to pick Elizabeth Warren as his VP, Dr. Dreโ€™s wife files for a divorce, Hollywood is flocking to Iceland to film during these quarantimes, and Terry Crews sparks a fire over his most recent tweet regarding the Black Lives Matter movement..
#Terrycrews #ChaseRice #IcelandFilm
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