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Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect

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Golf is EXTRA hard with plastic clubs.
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Dude Perfect photo 1 Plastic Golf Club Battle |... Dude Perfect photo 2 Plastic Golf Club Battle |... Dude Perfect photo 3 Plastic Golf Club Battle |... Dude Perfect photo 4 Plastic Golf Club Battle |...

Commenting from 2020: can we get another one of these? 🙏🏻

by Kyle Starrett 3 months ago

I come from the future and, yes, Coby will win a battle.

by ZachDaGuitarGuy 3 weeks ago

No one:

Youtube: Here, watch a DP video from 4 years ago.

Me: Okay...

by Doctor_Doc64 3 weeks ago

The only rule: play the ball where it lies

A few minuets later: welcome to the pga where we make up rules as we go😂😂😂😂😂😂

by Ashley Gurski 2 months ago

Coby here. Times have been rough. I've been in the championship 4 times and lost all 4 of them. I start to lose hope. Then I come read your comments and I'm inspired again. Inspired to finally get my revenge and take down the bearded man, then send him straight to the barber for a shave. Just want you guys to know that I plan to pick up my game and get a victory soon. Thanks for believing in me even though I've given you no reason to do so. Coby out.

by Dude Perfect 4 years ago

Every body gagsta till ty be spittin tree facts

by Carson Games 3 weeks ago

Who's watching this after coby won a battle

by Lisette Zamora 2 months ago

Who is rewatching all of the dude perfect vids? 😂

by Phillip Bowers 2 months ago

Best parts of this videos: Tyler's British accent and Cory's fails

by Beth Stine 1 month ago

2015: coby never wins
2019:coby 1st and 2nd win

by Zacchry Loyola 4 months ago

Who went straight to the comments to see if anyone's watching this during lockdown

by charlie glover 2 weeks ago

This the what we'd do in 2020 during quarantine

by Mark Ahrens 2 weeks ago

These were the days back when it was all so simple

by Kettleboy69 3 months ago

Ty: "I want him to win, I really do.
Also Ty: " even tho the club didn't make direct contact the ball still moved so he can't re-tee."

by Andrew Rutherford 8 months ago

Who's here during quarantine in 2020 like to show if u are

by Oisin Maloy 3 weeks ago

I'm coming from the fuuuuuuuture. OOoOh. Coby does win a battle.

by FutureFanBoy 1 month ago

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 יש לחם מרג ?😍😍😍😍😘😘

by אוראל מויסייב 8 months ago

Can we please get a Plastic Golf Club Battle 2???

by Jhayden Aczon 1 year ago

The fact that they are taking this seriously is hilarious

by Grayson Brown 4 months ago

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