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Trump silent as US coronavirus cases soar to new high | DW News

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The US government's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says the country is facing a "serious problem," as Covid-19 infections surge in southern and western states. Many states are experiencing their highest infection rates since the coronavirus crisis began. Worst-affected are states including Florida, Texas and Arizona, along with California. Texas ordered all of its bars to close, while Florida banned its bars from selling alcohol. On Friday the US Coronavirus Task Force held its first press conference in two months. Vice-President Mike Pence encouraged US citizens to follow local health guidelines. President Donald Trump has remained largely silent on this devastating turn of events. DW's Stefan Simons reports from Washington.
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DW News photo 1 Trump silent as US coronavirus... DW News photo 2 Trump silent as US coronavirus... DW News photo 3 Trump silent as US coronavirus... DW News photo 4 Trump silent as US coronavirus...

USA is a land of freedom even coronavirus can feel that freedom.

by Faisal Kadal 1 day ago

Don't worry, it's just one case coming in from China.

by Denis Daly 1 day ago

Trump might be proud and happy now, as he made "America First" in Coronavirus cases. :)

by Mohammad Faraz 1 day ago

Everyone is wearing a mask except Pence...is he magically protected

by Lucinda Waugh 1 day ago

"Now's the time for everyone to continue to do their part", says the only person in the room walking in without a mask.

Pence is the leader of the task force? What an absolute disgrace!!!

by john15008 1 day ago

Don't worry, it will vanish in April like a miracle in the sun.

by Denis Daly 1 day ago

Brazil: Hold my beer.
US: nah, hold my beer.
Brazil: we'll hold each other's beers.
US: I'll drink to that cheers.

by TYKX 1 day ago

America was land of free, home of brave, but right now has a dumb leader, that’s truly disaster!

by Ja86 Hhhh 1 day ago

Why does this Australian reporter woman sound like she's about to cry?

by Brem 1 day ago

It's not Covid, it's Trumpandemic, being reelected is more important than pandemic.

by John Koh 1 day ago

Fauci: "...you have a SOCIETAL responsibility..." = it's not just about you.

by FJ HAYDN 1 day ago

"Stay calm. It's only 15 cases, and it will disappear, like a miracle"

by Mikeom Olt 1 day ago

trump logic: The house is on fire, lets turn off the smoke detectors and open up the windows...

by Evar Dion 1 day ago

Pence and Trump believe they have made progress. The numbers are getting better...For Putin.

by Jonathan C. 1 day ago

All those elderly folks in Florida, take care. Wanna see you at the bingo tables in 2021.

by Vik Z 1 day ago

No masks in Texas but you can bet everyone had a gun.

by Bim 1 day ago

Pence has no shame!

by Vick S 1 day ago

“If I get corona I get corona”—American teen 2020

by IKNFLY666 1 day ago

"Stop testing = no crisis".
Policy of the Stable Genius...

by Ralph Bernhard 1 day ago

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