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Goodbye FNAF...

EddieVR photo 1 Goodbye FNAF... EddieVR photo 2 Goodbye FNAF... EddieVR photo 3 Goodbye FNAF... EddieVR photo 4 Goodbye FNAF...

Im actually sad this is over🥺

by EddieVR 1 week ago

It's honestly crazy that I learn more Spanish watching Eddie's videos than I ever did in my high school Spanish class...

by King Nightshade 1 week ago

I’m going to miss your terrifying scream ;-;

by Bailey Maddox 1 week ago

Eddie! There’s more endings for Duck season!!!!! Like so Eddie can see this and will make a vid about doing all the duck season endings!

by CoolCorbanGamesYT 1 week ago

Eddie saying"I'm going to be quiet"*keeps on talking. XD

by jocelyn Quintero 1 week ago

I love how Eddie, speaks English and then Spanish. And is wearing a Japanese shirt 😂👌

by Sarah Price 1 week ago

Eddie: "I'm the manliest man of them all!"
A minute later

by Galaxy girl 1 week ago

“The health on my door is running out of battery”-EddieVR 2020

by Soccermonster 91 5 days ago

How I imagine Eddie being when he said Goodbye
Eddie: "Goodbye, FNAF..."
Also Eddie: points middle finger
Still Eddie: "The good in 'Goodbye' ain't there for nothing, haha, Cabron."

by Nebbia 27 1 week ago

You should play “Hello Puppets” its on VR and its also a horror game

by Aileen Ryu 5 days ago

Everybody tell Eddie to continue Duck Season and get the other endings.

by Got em357 1 week ago

“cholo power activate” so we pretendin like he wasn’t just screaming?

by fathergoodkush 6 days ago

Eddie: “I’m going to give you the manliest fnaf episode you have ever seen” Also eddie:

by Unknown_artist 6 days ago

Eddie: I'm the manliest man of all.

Kirishima: Allow me to introduce myself.

by Maicol Valverde 5 days ago

Eddie: “I am a man. I am manly” Two seconds later: Immediately gets scared

by Omar Jr Flores 1 week ago

When Eddie speak Mexican

But you are learning Spanish.....

Enter “Detroit become human suicide meme”

by Stampante 5 days ago

eddie in the corner lookin like he milkin a cow like theres no tommorow

by WubNubDubs 1 week ago

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