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I Used Cam Newton On The Patriots And This Guy Lost His Mind!

#buccaneers #td #madden trash talker #challenge #Gaming
Ayye today we are playing some Madden 20 online ranked game where i played against a Trash Talker who challenged me to a game! I Cam Newton On The Patriots! This is a madden 20 game with the New England Patriots and Houston Texans!
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Eli Mack photo 1 I Used Cam Newton On... Eli Mack photo 2 I Used Cam Newton On... Eli Mack photo 3 I Used Cam Newton On... Eli Mack photo 4 I Used Cam Newton On...



by Eli Mack 3 days ago

I went on Chris's channel when he was streaming and told him that Cam Newton got signed lol. Also ur middle name is Mangos bruh

by Ralph Kent 3 days ago

Eli: warning headphone users!

Me: doesnโ€™t have time to lower volume

by Ap1_227 3 days ago

Youtube: says no views OMG IM FIRST

Me: look at comments and sees a lot of people saying first already....

by savagecolt 3 days ago

Your Full name is Eli โ€œMangoโ€ Mack

by GetYeeted Bro 3 days ago

Thatโ€™s good what you do for the homeless guy

by Mauj Soto 3 days ago

Eli Mack quotes โ€œmangos mangos !๐Ÿฅญโ€ holds watermelon โ€œWHERES THAT ENERGY BRUH?!โ€ โ€œDO NOT TEST THE USER!!!โ€ ETC... ELI MACK GANG GANG IS NOT FRIENDS AND A COMMUNITY ITS A FAMILY!!!!

by -Shadow- 3 days ago

Eli the goat heโ€™s be eating MANGOES the other guy has been eating a gallon of sugar for the last 11 years

by Cole Pike 3 days ago

you already know its a good vid when it says "warning headphone users"

by Donovan B -_- 3 days ago

Question: is that the same kid from the brady wide receiver vid


by Welzy J 3 days ago

Eli, if your reading this, you are a great person. You make me smile everyday. When you joined my party for like, a minute, that was the best minute of my life. Keep up the great vids, and who knows, maybe we could 1v1๐Ÿ˜‚

by XxYouGotRewindedxX 3 days ago

NO CAP when he started screaming mangos a headache add popped up and i almost died๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

by KingT Playz 3 days ago

Whereโ€™s that energy. That is the dumbest catch phrase I have ever heard

by William Schuh 3 days ago

What good Eli Mac stay safe do I played Cam Newton on the Patriots he's insane

by Jerome Ferguson 3 days ago

Omg there back the trolling is back

I thought I was never going to see one of these again

by Levi Maman 3 days ago

"Out of bounds like your whole life been" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Dee Snuts 3 days ago

you have to give us your initals

my guess: mangoes

by p j 3 days ago

Finally heโ€™s playing on sim!!!

by Noah Lago 3 days ago

when he said out of bounds like your whole life has been that was halarious.

by Noah Ferrer 2 days ago

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