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My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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“Just stare at them till they get uncomfortable”
Damn. Why didn’t I think of that.

by Yedi Otaku 5 hours ago

My mother: Brazilian
My father: Irish

I look like a pale ass hobbit who can’t tan but I can speak Portuguese ok but I wish I could speak Gaelic (Irish Language). It’s difficult for me to hold conversations in Brazil cause I don’t know all the slang and words and I clam up and end up looking at the ground.

by InkMoonArts 4 hours ago

me being a filipino and lives in the USA:
everyone: are you mexican?
me: uhh..

by vangagouh 2 hours ago

Mom: brazilian
Dad: spanish
School: english
Me: internal screaming

by Carol 2904 5 hours ago

Get this...
Dad: indo-japanese

Mom: indonesia

Me: American

I was born in America, but I’ve lived most of my life in Japan, but for some reason, my English sounds normal...

by _Fantom Phoxy_ 5 hours ago

Me: half-Asian
Asian person: you’re white
White person: you’re Asian
Me:( ̄▽ ̄;)

by Johnny Appleseed 3 hours ago

my dad: korean
my mom: thai

me: so i started trying to learn japanese-

by Kailexdrii 3 hours ago

When your Native American and this is literally your home land but you could still kinda relate

by dynasty amv 3 hours ago

Heritage: Colombian
My spanish teacher: says a sentence in spanish
My class: turns to look at me, hoping I'll give them the answer

by Astelly :3 3 hours ago

My dad : Mexican
My mom : Mexican America

Me : Mexican-American

Also me : doesn't know how to speak Spanish

by Jenny Quintana 3 hours ago

Classmate: Yo man. Can you read this?
Shows Chinese
Me: Nah man. I don't know how to read in Chinese.
Classmate: I thought you were Asian.
Me: Dude. I'm from Pakistan.
Classmate: So does that mean you're not Asian?
Me: :/

by Taha Imran 2 hours ago

I can speak chinese without an accent, however my vocabulary is that of a 5 year old since I never use it.
So when I'm visiting in china people think I look and sound chinese, but I'm completely overwhelmed by the cultural differences.

by Relachi 26 minutes ago

Me: I’m from Vietnam

Classmate: Is that a place in Japan or something?


by vuong nguyenduy 4 hours ago

This hits too close to home where I want to try learn how to speak my native language (Filipino) but instead feel shy and embarrassed to try

by Cian V Maduay 4 hours ago

My mom: Vietnamese

My dad: Vietnamese

Where I live: Vietnam

Me: English ._.

by Mia Crystal 3 hours ago

Person: where are you from?
My mum: *British/French*
My dad: *has Iraqi parents, grew up in the UAE, moved to New Zealand, got a New Zealand passport, moved to England, then back to the UAE*
Me: *grew up in London, lives in the UAE, makes very rare trips to Iraq for family* uh...

by Yasmin Taylor 3 hours ago

me: english
dad: russian
mom: russian

also me: has a hard time replying in russian so my dad sometimes tells me to read russian books to improve my vocab

my classmates: hey, can you say something in russian
me: only knows how to introduce myself

by yulia nosova 5 hours ago

When I was little: good Vietnamese
School: You have to learn English
Me: Ok.
Me now: Good English but bad Vietnamese

by Van Nguyen 5 hours ago

Omg I literally have the same story as Emily but I’ve never felt “ashamed” for not knowing any words of my race. (Vietnamese)
I mean I know some words but it’s not like I don’t know any at all, but sometimes I do question if my Vietnamese will get better in my future

by Lollifie X 3 hours ago

as a part-Korean myself, for some reason we LOVE to identify someone else's ethnicity, especially identifying other Koreans.

I don't know why in particular but for me personally, I live in Southeast Asia and finding other Koreans feels exciting, similar to finding someone with the same hobby, but in this case the same ethnicity. It gives a sense of familiarity and togetherness, even though you may not know the person.

Also seeing people from other races are just, fun. It's fun imagining or speculating where somebody's from and i tend to admire the differences of physical features and personalities. ...and I sometimes stare at them without realizing I'm staring

So basically when Koreans stare at you, they're usually doing it out of admiration rather than disgust 🙂

by Paste3 4 hours ago

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