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emma chamberlain photo 1 DYING MY HAIR BLONDE emma chamberlain photo 2 DYING MY HAIR BLONDE emma chamberlain photo 3 DYING MY HAIR BLONDE emma chamberlain photo 4 DYING MY HAIR BLONDE

Emma went blonde and JoJo Siwa went brunette, the world is changing

by mia glass 5 days ago

no one:
emma: compares her hair to the whole cast of harry potter

by Just Aesthetics 3 days ago

"Moral of the story is I wiped my ass with a face mask today"
Me: *taps like button"

by Makayla Allbritton 3 days ago

Emma: “ I don’t think anyone is gonna care”

also Emma: Trending

(Btw I make vids💙)

by Basic Billy 3 days ago

no one
not a soul

emma: “ I wiped my as with a face mask today” 😂😭

ps. Small youtuber 🖤🌈

by Basic Billy 3 days ago

No ones talking about her five house upgrades since the beginning of 2020, Every video I’m trying to understand what happened? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤯

by Ka'iulani Taniguchi 3 days ago

she should definitely start dressing like the clueless cast ;) just an opinion. love the blonde <3

by Anavaleria Martinez 2 days ago

Emma’s being awkward about talking about having a poo, remember the days when she used to fricking take us with her!!

by Kelis White 3 days ago

Who's Better
Like: Emma Chamberlain
Reply: Joana Ceddia

by Daniel 1 day ago

Emma: “I don’t think anyone is gonna care” trending . Wowww really

by Rayoh Food Club 3 days ago

She gives me this Miley Cyrus vibe now that she is blond.

by Rebeca Castillo 2 days ago

She said “I don’t wanna get salmonella” 😂

by Youngfreelost 3 days ago

I just can’t believe she have this amazing car and amazing house and she’s not even 20 that’s insaneeeee

by song guetta 3 days ago

I don't think she understands how pretty she actually is.

by alisha yasmina 5 days ago

Emma: says her hair looks like snape when she dyed it brown
Also Emma: says her hair looks like Draco when she dyes it blond

by Im peridot YOU cLod 2 days ago

i swear her wardrobe is like a shopping mall i can’t even.😂

by fatimah rahman 3 days ago

me: thinking about going blonde but thinks i'll look stupid
emma: send it
me: okay!
my mom: mmm no

by bayli ferris 3 days ago

Emma: “anyone who wants to go blonde send it” Me: “now don’t be throwing those words out like that.” now is thinking on it

by zuygj bnsv 2 days ago

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