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BET Awards 2020: The BEST and BIGGEST Moments

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This year's BET Awards might have been taped remotely, but the network made sure the show’s 20th anniversary was a memorable milestone. ET is breaking down all the biggest moments from host Amanda Seales politically-driven open, to powerful performances from DaBaby and Roddy Ricch, Megan Thee Stallion and more, plus, the night’s biggest winners..
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Entertainment Tonight photo 1 BET Awards 2020: The BEST... Entertainment Tonight photo 2 BET Awards 2020: The BEST... Entertainment Tonight photo 3 BET Awards 2020: The BEST... Entertainment Tonight photo 4 BET Awards 2020: The BEST...

“I’m really glad that despite everything that’s going on in the country right now BET decided to move forward with the award show I respect that plus with all the tributes was very nice!!. However it appears that multiple sources is saying that the BET Awards this year had the lowest ratings from previous years and I think I’m pretty sure it’s the show going virtually because of the covid-19 pandemic the artists were performing but no one in the auditorium also this year’s BET Awards barley got any promotions, or radio air station promotions they had a few promos but it was only on of course Bet and also Tv One, other years they had promo commercials at least on MTV, Vh1 etc. They’re was no Bet Experience Live this year and no Bet Awards red carpet after parties, in my opinion Amanda Seals did a great job hosting and I understand the award show is a tradition to have it during summer break but the BET Network should have postponed the BET Awards until October or even November before thanksgiving 3/4 months down the line and waited until the pandemic would died down some (if it would die down) around the fall time in southern Los Angeles the weather is in the mid to late 70’s they could of done the Bet Experience Live then people brought the tickets already and also tickets for the Bet Awards after parties it’s a shame they had to refund folks money BET Network literally loss money this year because of that. Plus at the moment in California the virus is still at a all time sky rocket high so no one could even attend the event live because of social distancing The Bet Hip Hop Awards & Bet Awards Could Of Been all Together In 1 night but hey! The Bet Awards was out of a 1-10 was about a 6.5 this year.

by Frank White 4 days ago

They forgot to mention how Terry Crews wasn't invited and ain't black

by Firebourn94 4 days ago

Will bet awards be on cbs in 2021❓❓❓.. Or was this a one year thing? 2019 and previous all bet awards show shown on bet network. Never cbs.

by Deja 4 days ago

Young gifted and black is Nina Simone song

by Angela Mosby 4 days ago

I love Amanda Seales. This goes to all of the haters!

by ERion Ford 4 days ago

I think the 2020 BET awards were decent, I think Lil Wayne set the tone for me with that tribute to Kobe Bryant, RIP Kobe and GiGi Bryant 🙏 Da Baby and Roddy Rich sent a message 🙏 I think Summer Walker and Usher killed their performance, s/o to Beyonce .

by Shawn D. Dawkins 3 days ago

What happened to Karen Clark-Sheard.and Kierra Sheard????

by Fostena Wright 4 days ago

I love Amanda. This is the space she fits, glad she left the real. Wrong vibration...

by Classy Lady 4 days ago

The BET awards was good!! I enjoyed every moment of it!! Amanda did an awesome job!!🙂

by Vee 4 days ago


by Miss. Courtney EYES OPENED 2 days ago

people say all I ever do is talk about race then proceeds to talk about race anyways lol

by martin campbell 3 days ago

I'm curious😕 did the whole music entertainment decided to write songs and bank😌 off the trauma and the deaths and the murders of this nation🤔

by Mujer segura 4 days ago

Ah where is Kierra Sheard and Karen Clark Sheards performance at ? That performance was the best one the whole night .

by jacob . 3 days ago

I guess nobody else did anything monumental.

by jeffery james 3 days ago

So how many white people were honored or even nominated? And I don't mean those passing for white? Talk about inclusion...

by Brad Torville 3 days ago

This was the best one of the all ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

by Patricia Collard 1 day ago

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