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Vitalik Buterin on "The Portal", Ep. #012 - The Ethereal Prince and His Virtual Machine

#Smart Contract #Ethereum #Programmer #Wall Street #Entertainment
In this episode, Vitalik Buterin sits down with Eric to discuss ethereum, the wider world of crypto and heterodox economics.
Taking note of the new development of blockchain in 2010, Eric wrote an essay called โ€œGo Virtual Young Manโ€. A few years later, a Thiel Fellow named Vitalik created a virtual machine with an idiosyncratic smart contract system and a currency. Ironically, Eric had recently become a Managing Director at Thiel Capital. Perennially circling each other intellectually, the two now sit down in person to discuss economic paradigm shifts, crypto and the future of online sovereignty and social coordination..
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I have ALL this dudes wierd but NONE of his intelligence.

by ryan moore 6 months ago

This guy was the voice of every computer from 1992 - 2001.

by Camkillz 6 months ago

Its good to see Buterin put the effort in to dress for the occasion, normally he turns up nude

by George Gibson 6 months ago

If you put this guy in a conversation with Nick Bostrum, it would NOT pass the Turing Test

by Daniel Chiriff 6 months ago

And even more impressive that this is his second language!

by ytytboy 6 months ago

Eric: โ€œI would love to get into youโ€
Vitalik: โ€œMmmmโ€

by First Last 6 months ago

I feel like Joe Rogan listening to these guys when he says, "I'm just a dumb ape" in comparison

by Chad Michael 6 months ago

First time I've seen Vitalik talk to someone who understands math and economics..

by 909sickle 6 months ago

Who sounds more like a computer, Vitalik or Don Hoffman?

by Kyle Smith 2 days ago

It sounds to me like Vitalik is the voice behind Radiohead's "Fitter Happier" track.

by Jacqueline Rendell Music 6 months ago

Ok I take it back, THIS is my favorite episode of the portal lol I feel like I got a condensed college education in an hour and a half. Moar plz

by Cody Nemeth 6 months ago

Eric makes me feel like a Neanderthal.

by Betul Yalcin 6 months ago

...in which Eric reveals he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

by Jeff Wilken 6 months ago

I'm truly convinced that Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin are vistors from other planets.

by John a 6 months ago

Eric interrupts so rarely, and when he does, it is just to bring the listener up to speed and to help his guest out of the weeds--skillful.

by Jason Bouchard 6 months ago

nice chat lads...first bare legs on the portal too!

by OGsourcrypto 6 months ago

casually said he made 100 million dollars selling 70k ETH

by Lelzzz 6 months ago

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