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Stephen A. reacts to Horace Grant calling Michael Jordan a 'liar' and a 'snitch' | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Mike Greenberg discuss former Chicago Bulls PF Horace Grant calling out Michael Jordan following “The Last Dance” documentary..
#FirstTake #NBA
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ESPN photo 1 Stephen A. reacts to Horace... ESPN photo 2 Stephen A. reacts to Horace... ESPN photo 3 Stephen A. reacts to Horace... ESPN photo 4 Stephen A. reacts to Horace...

Stephen A “I talked to that brotha yesterday” Smith

by Prince Vegeta 2 weeks ago

Only perspective I cared about was Rodman's, I'm not gonna lie he was far more interesting and had a crazier life.

by marc07112 2 weeks ago

He didn’t bring it up they asked him about the traveling cocaine circus am I wrong?

by Jay C 2 weeks ago

Stephen A “I’ve known this brotha for many years” Smith

by kwk1987 2 weeks ago

Jordan shoots someone randomly
Stephen A: “You got to take into consideration what was going on. We’re talking about the 6 time champion, 5 time MVP. The best player we’ve ever seen. If he’s going to go out and shoot someone I believe there was a reason. And frankly that guy shouldn’t have been in front of MJ’s bullets!”

by Jaylon Lawson 2 weeks ago

Stephen A is one of those yes men Charles Barkley was talking about.

by Mixamaka 2 weeks ago

Stephen A “of course I talked to Micheal Jordan yesterday” Smith

by El Wiken 2 weeks ago

Horace: What does the team doing drugs got to do with anything?

Everybody: Using drugs contributed to their poor performance and terrible work ethic.

by CH 2 weeks ago

So they ask him a question and he laughs he’s a snitch but you literally had your buddy write a book snitching on him & claim you didn’t contribute? HAHAHAHA log off

by SPACE MONKEY1102 2 weeks ago

Anyone else feel like Stephen A spits a lot when he talks? Sorry, covid has me noticing these things..

by Josh Marshall 2 weeks ago

Loved Mike coming up, but anything said bad about him is denied and fought to the end by anyone who loves him

by SMG GRIMM 2 weeks ago

Stephen A Smith the greatest highest paid Yes Man 👌

by DarkTimes 2 weeks ago

Grant was exactly what MJ always said he was when he left the Bulls.

by Shawn Simmons 2 weeks ago

It's still a known fact that Horace was the main character giving locker info out so how can he call anyone a snitch.🤔🤫

by Ernest Spriggs 1 week ago

the interviewer asked MJ about the phrase "travelling cocaine circus" , MJ said it was the first time he heard that name and laughed, then he told the story about going into one of the players hotel room and seeing all the drugs and women. He didn't just talk about that out of the blue to snitch on people.. he also didn't mention any names.

by bullshark 2 weeks ago

Steven “That’s Blasphemous” A. Smith

by DOLO BROLIC 2 weeks ago

If he is a liar then it doesn’t matter what he snitches about.

by Sam Yim 2 weeks ago

Stephen A : “ Mike and I fed each other chalklot covered raspberry’s just last night....”

by Dane Whaley 2 weeks ago

Stephen A Smith "at that particular moment in time"

by Craig Hunter 2 weeks ago

"Jordan slept with my wife."

Stephen A. - Well you gotta understand, it's Jordan and..

by Ori genie 2 weeks ago

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