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Why did the Patriots sign Cam Newton? | Get Up

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Dan Graziano, Dan Orlovsky and Booger McFarland join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to discuss expectations for QB Cam Newton on the New England Patriots after agreeing to a 1-year deal.
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ESPN photo 1 Why did the Patriots sign... ESPN photo 2 Why did the Patriots sign... ESPN photo 3 Why did the Patriots sign... ESPN photo 4 Why did the Patriots sign...

As soon as I think being a bills fan is the best! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!?!?

by TripleSquad 4 days ago

The better question would be " why didnt anybody else sign him" ? Especially the Jags

by Jasson Poirier 4 days ago

Bill never beat him but did injure him win the preseason😂

by N1kk Moviezz 3 days ago



by OG LOC 4 days ago

Cam only missed 20 games in 9 seasons. Most of those 20 games came from last year, when he missed 15 games. Yet people say he's injury prone. 4 out 9 seasons - he's made it to the playoff, 1 season in which he got to the Superbowl. Last Playoff Appearance was 2017. They overrergarate Cam presence, Why? Cause he does Touchdown celebrations & the way dresses? All that is white noise. One of the hardest workers & most disciplined players in the league. Work ethic is impeccable. Ron Rivera should thank Cam, for willing teams to wins through injuries. They praise QB's like Big Ben who does it & experienced far more injuries (hasn't made playoffs since 2017).Cam's a Starter. A Leader. A Former MVP. Minus last season, he's only missed 5 games.

by Young Blood 4 days ago

Booger McFarland, if he wasn't a self hating black man, would have realized he was describing Tom Brady the last two years, very few passes downfield, lots of check downs and passes to running backs. He probably thought that was "genius".

by Emmanuel Enyinwa 4 days ago

Cam if health is on a team with a good offense line and run game, interesting scenarios

by Adrian K 4 days ago

Patriots just got a early Christmas gift .

by Serge Baron 4 days ago

Interesting signing although a good one nonetheless.

by Naveen Dhak 4 days ago

In short answer: he was cheaply priced

by King Kang 4 days ago

Wow imagine your favorite team not having 6 rings couldn’t be me day 1 (since they signed cam) patriots fan

by Colby 4 days ago


by John Paul Rodriguez 4 days ago

Who would you start as your QB given these options: Andy Dalton or Cam Newton?

by Thuan Tran 3 days ago

The last time Pat's was 100healthy they were 8-0 coming off a super bowl so 2020 will look more like 2018 if healthy

by Devon Thomas 3 days ago

The truth is Cam was eventually gonna be picked up by a team regardless. If Cam would have missed the entire season and focused on healing, excersizing and practicing, Cam would have been worth even more next year. The Patriots knew that. A steal of a life time! If he's healthy,
It's over.
Let Go Cam!

by Al-Malik Malik 4 days ago

You can use him in vicious quarterback run and sneak packages. 😇

by syminite1 3 days ago

Because Bill saw Watson drop n dimes on him as a rookie and it wasn't Watson fault the Texans lost that game. Just last year Watson spank that tail in Houston on primetime. Guess what??? The Texans playbook is similar to the Patriots... hmmm! Maybe Bill is on to something you think?

by E.J. Blacktalian 1 day ago

Irrelevant opinions...really went deep in thought on this one.....

by Michael Hathaway 4 days ago

Booger is going to be eating Crow after those statements. No one know the depth of a Person heart when they have something to Fight for!!

by Mephisto Soa 4 days ago

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