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Will Cam Newton do with the Patriots what Kurt Warner did with the Cardinals? | Get Up

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Dan Orlovsky, Dan Graziano and Booger McFarland join Mike Greenberg to react to comments made by former St. Louis Rams, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, comparing himself to New England Patriots QB Cam Newton.
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ESPN photo 1 Will Cam Newton do with... ESPN photo 2 Will Cam Newton do with... ESPN photo 3 Will Cam Newton do with... ESPN photo 4 Will Cam Newton do with...

“Cam Newton signed with the Patriots because he wasn’t on a team”

- Booger McFarland

by The Discussion 3 days ago

BB doesnt want to deal and groom a young QB. He's 70 and they are 21. Yeah, no thanks, I will take the 31 year old.

by Andrew 3 days ago

If Cam Newton stays healthy he can get the Patriots into the playoffs and be a top 10 quarterback

by Steve Lambert 3 days ago

Kurt always uplifting every NFL players situation..

by MultiKushie 3 days ago

Kurt Warner had one of the greatest assembly of offensive talent in league history while with the St. Louis Rams. Warner had great coaching staffs wherever he played. He achieved great accomplishments but only in a perfect storm where everything fell into perfect harmony. Cam Newton has achieved his own level of success and accomplishments while not playing within the fortuitous bubble Warner did. This fact alone speaks volumes for Newton's talents, skills, and accomplishments. Let's be clear on this point. Newton doesn't need to replicate Warner's career because he is a superstar quarterback in his own right. All the noise about Warner being a greater pure passer than Newton is just code for those who refuse to accept that the quarterback position is evolving and the traditional skill sets (tall, strong-armed, slow of foot, caucasian) are continuously expanding to meet the evolutionary progress of the game. Cam Newton represents the future for quarterbacks in the NFL as does Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, DeShawn Watson, Dak Prescott, Tyson Hill, Josh Allen, etc. The progress of the game demands more pure athleticism from the quarterback position then ever before. Sorry to say but immobile quarterbacks are quickly becoming a HUGE LIABILITY for offensive coordinators to have to protect. Warner and Newton are great quarterbacks. Warner represents traditional quarterback philosophy while Newton represents the undeniable future for the quarterback position. TRUTH

by lawrence washington 2 days ago

The physical proved he was healthy, he just had to go out there and perform. Wins and loses don’t determine health, guys like McFarland need to quit.

by k monsta 3 days ago

To me it feels a lot like Favre with the Vikings. Newton could absolutely make the HOF now

by Micah PG 3 days ago

Patriot could be dangerous with a healthy Cam playing at mvp level.

by A L 3 days ago

Playoff contenders definitely

by Jey Flizzy 3 days ago

Patriot's got a top 2 defense and I believe cam can do it

by Terrio Ducre 3 days ago

Kurt was a beast in Arizona, could've kept playing for at least another two seasons.

by Boss Lax316 2 days ago

"Cam Newton has just been signed in New England, therefore he will throw the ball in New England and likely play under center during a New England game"

-Booger McFarland

by TheSamuraiSaysHi 2 days ago

“Kurt Warner compares Cam Newton to himself” that cuz both of you two lose Super Bowls

by Mathew Andrist 2 days ago

Cam has never once said ANYTHING about money 🤦🏾‍♂️ Booger I love ya as a player but as an analyst you need improvement

by JaMichael Reid 3 days ago

"Will Cam Newton do with the Patriots what Kurt Warner did with the Cardinals?"
If he can remain healthy, and that's a big if, I would say yes. I think Cam can lead the Pats to a Super Bowl in the next few years.

by BE C 3 days ago

Like this if ESPN needs to upload with louder volume

by Denny O'Leary 3 days ago

Before watching this video my first thought was, "not win a Superbowl?" So, i think it's accurate.

by A Sherman 3 days ago

Cam ain't that ancient lol

by Beezz B 3 days ago

We do so many of these talking heads pronounce Newton as "New-In"? Orlavsky, here.

by Kitten Katt 2 days ago

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