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‘The Office’ Cast Reunite On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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After Steve Carell teased “The Office” fans with a reunion with Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, and Ellie Kemper during “Saturday Night Live”, Sangita Patel and Graeme O’Neil react on “ET Canada Live”.
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ET Canada photo 1 ‘The Office’ Cast Reunite On... ET Canada photo 2 ‘The Office’ Cast Reunite On... ET Canada photo 3 ‘The Office’ Cast Reunite On... ET Canada photo 4 ‘The Office’ Cast Reunite On...

I would just like to have a show just based on Creed

by mom I wantPIZZA1 1 year ago

I’d go for a “where are they now” but not a reboot.

by Maria Mendez 1 year ago

This girl clearly didn't see the end lol

by s0fa 1 year ago

This girl has maybe seen like 2 seasons 🤣

by Mireya Seymour 1 year ago

Her: “It was SUCH a good shooooooow!”

Also Her: “Steve Carell breaks up with the girl at the end, right?”

What a dingbat.

by Vicki LaRouge 1 month ago

An Office movie would be the best way to end and satisfy.

that's what she said

by SwedlePOP 6 months ago

We don't need another the office! You can't recreate that.

by PAtrick Boozer 1 year ago

How about a movie..they all agree to meet up at Dwight farm for a weekend..... This will be a riot 😆.
Add a few cameos ..other stars..
...just saying ..All the makings blockbuster. WDYT ?.

by mch1965 1 year ago

“Why don’t you guys come up on stage”
*random chick walks up
“No not you”

by Sam Tat 8 months ago

When they said just watch it on Netflix, I got so sad since there taking it off

by Grace Hebert 1 year ago

Awww...hoping krasinski & rainn showing up there... 😆

by Funk O'Matic 1 year ago

Idk man. The Office originally is great already! It’s like “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” type of thing.

by FivePointOhVic 1 year ago

That girl has never seen the office. 😂😂

by SmirkyJupiter 6 months ago

office back with steve carell : YES.
office back with no steve carell: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

by mohammad karimi 2 months ago

The Office that we loved isn’t gonna make it in today’s social politics DO NOT REMAKE IT PLEASE!

by 21st Century MadMad 3 months ago

I think they should do one season where they all come together one last time. But I dont think they shpuld do a full on reboot. The original was just so great.

by AlwaysBroke 1 year ago

You can’t recreate “The Office”. Perhaps a spin off called “The Retirement Home.”

by Grand Master Yoda 1 month ago

The girl at the end is like a fourteen year old girl saying "same" to anything Billie Eilish says.

by Tristan Foss 10 months ago

"Steve leaves the girl in the end" CRINGE he lives happily ever after with Holly okay!!!
I hate it when people pretend they have seen the show and love it just because its trending. Obviously you haven't seen it.

by Rebecca Parks 2 months ago

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